Launch of Smarter Commerce Consulting

Today, we’re launching the Smarter Commerce initiative, a new practice in IBM Global Business Services, and a set of offerings and services from across IBM designed to help our clients increase the value they generate for their customers in a world that is being fundamentally reshaped by the swift changes in the digital, mobile and social spheres.

The forces driving this new environment are familiar to all of us — the rapid rise of growing connectivity; the complexity faced by those who must orchestrate business across vast global supply chains and multiplying partner relationships; and, of course, customers empowered by the free flow of information and access available to them.  Responding to customers’ heightened expectations crosses all aspects of commerce, from predicting customer needs to creating innovative products and services, from pricing and availability to service and delivery.

With smarter commerce, IBM’s clients can:
  • Extend and redefine their business networks to create entirely new and innovative forms of value for customers.
  • Adopt advanced and predictive analytics to drive deep customer insights that can be delivered and acted on in an instant.
  • Engage with customers, and business partners, in entirely new and more personalized ways across physical, digital, mobile and social spheres.
As the leader of IBM Global Business Service’s Smarter Commerce Practice, I invite you to read more about our new practice by going to  I look forward to engaging with you in the future.

Global Leader

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