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A Journey Through Your Online Employment Brand Part 3: Hunting Harriet

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Much attention is given to how talent acquisition professionals should attract passive candidates. When it comes to active candidates, we can spend less time on these prospects because we assume “post and pray” is an appropriate strategy.

But the truth is that it takes more than a job opening on Indeed to drive genuine interest from active candidates. If they’re looking at your job listing, they’re also looking at dozens of others. What makes you stand out? How do you make it onto the short list?

The answer is as simple (and complicated as this): Show them who you are at every step. Apply your unique, compelling employment brand at every stage of the recruitment journey.

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we met candidates whose experiences reflected these steps along the recruiting pathway. But sometimes, people are motivated by different circumstances altogether. Such is the case for Hunting Harriet.

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Getting on the the short list: The challenge with (hyper)active hunters

harriet-extra.pngFor the past six years, Harriet has been a project manager at a local architecture firm in Philadelphia. She wasn’t looking to make a move, but that all changed when her spouse accepted a job offer in Phoenix. Now they are excited about the change, and Harriet is diving into the search for a new opportunity that will make her has happy as she has been at her current job.

This is both a big challenge and an exciting opportunity for Harriet, and she’s inspired to keep working at it a little every day. So how do you connect with someone like Harriet? Keep giving her something worth looking at. An active, motivated searcher will look in lots of places and in greater depth than many other candidates. That’s where to leave your breadcrumbs.

Like most job seekers, Harriet started searching online. This was particularly helpful since she is researching a job market that is unfamiliar to her, in a town that is a couple thousand miles away. She started with LinkedIn, Google, Indeed, and Glassdoor.

Harriet did a lot of keyword searches. She found a few good prospects and applied for open jobs that fit her experience. When she discovered a promising company with no current openings, she joined the Talent Community. She also visited sites about Phoenix to get an idea of who the major employers were, how salaries and cost of living compared with Philly, and so on. In all, Harriet visited a lot of employment-related websites filled with opportunities for recruitment marketing. These are great opportunities to catch her in action and present information that brings her closer to her goal.


What should you do?

Leaving all these touch points in the places where Harriet searches, you give her a lot of opportunities to develop awareness and interest—and a lot of actions she can keep taking. Eventually, this will lead to the place that both you and she want to see her end up—your career site.

From here, an engaged and motivated job seeker has ample opportunities to keep learning about your culture, sharing with current staff and fellow candidates, and moving from attraction to preference for your organization. And when she’s ready, she can even apply here.

When a candidate has good reason to be a very active seeker—like Harriet—you have a huge variety of possibly places to meet up with her. To learn how to take advantage of them, download the Digital Recruitment Journey eBook. You’ll get to follow Harriet and three other candidates in more detail. You’ll also learn the benefits and best practices of effective digital recruitment strategies and tactics, including:

  • Culture Research
  • Employee Value Propositions
  • Career Websites
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Talent Communities
  • Social Recruiting
  • SEO and SEM
  • Videos

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