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A Journey Through Your Online Employment Brand Part 4: Pay-Conscious Pete

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There are probably as many different reasons to look for a job as there are people looking, and every experience is different. So how do you create and communicate a message that will speak to many different kinds of people?

The key is to create a message that conveys who you truly are as an organization, then to share that message in enough different touch points so that all kinds of people can find it—no matter why they are seeking a job, or where they are looking.

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In Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of this series, we followed the stories of three different people in different digital recruiting situations. Ramon was essentially a passive but open-minded candidate, while Chaitra was more actively seeking her next opportunity. Harriet, meanwhile, was preparing to move across the country with her spouse and needed a new job in her new hometown.


Pay-Conscious Pete’s Candidate Journey

digital recruitment journey ebook career site candiate searchWhy else might someone look for a new job? How about money? That’s the primary driver for Pay-Conscious Pete.

Pete has worked as a drill-press operator for six years. He’s satisfied with his job and benefits, but Pete hasn’t had a raise in three years—and he just learned that there will be no raises in the year ahead.

Pete is different than our other three candidates because he isn’t necessarily excited about searching for another job. In fact, he wishes he didn’t need to. But Pete needs more pay to keep up with inflation, and he knows the only way to get it is to find another job. Anyone who can make this process easier or simpler is Pete’s friend.

Pete starts his search by looking for other manufacturing companies in his area who employ drill-press operators. Some have open positions right now and some do not, but he wants a complete picture of his options. It’s easy to put together the names of potential employers, but how can Pete prioritize them? This is where recruitment marketing can really set you apart. Not only will you attract more attention from guys like Pete, but you have a chance to introduce yourself—who you are, what you’re like. Better still, it’s a great way to entice Pete to visit your career site.

Remember, Pete’s primary driver may be a higher paycheck, but he also wants a good, solid company that can offer the opportunities, benefits, and work environment of his old job. On top of that, Pete would really like to find the same things we all want—a culture where we fit in, people we like working with, and an overall feeling that makes this job better than the same job somewhere else.

This is where Pete starts looking for other people he can talk to, and your career site is a great place for him to meet them. Empower your people to act as brand ambassadors. Give job seekers a place to connect and share their candid thoughts.

It’s hard to win candidates over by offering the highest paycheck every time—and you don’t want dollars to be the only thing that draws them to you. But when you can be competitive on pay and set yourself apart on culture and employer brand, you can win a lot of tie-breakers.

To learn how to win more of the candidates you want most, download our eBook. You’ll get to follow Pete—and three other candidates—in more detail. You’ll also learn the benefits and best practices of digital recruitment strategies and tactics, including:

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  • Recruitment Marketing
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  • SEO and SEM
  • Videos

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