IBM Enterprise Risk Management presentation at AICPA Conference 2010


Last week, I spoke at the AICPA Corporate Controllers’ conference in Orlando, a parallel event to one that was held in Las Vegas in July. The conference covers a wide array of topics relevant to controllers, from taxation to accounting, from compliance to ethics, and from managing Gen-X staff to senior citizen staff. As I’ve done for the past two years at these events, I delivered a couple of presentations on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and linking ERM principles to the findings of our 2010 IBM Global CFO study. I also presented a half-day workshop on ERM, helping attendees understand the key principles and practices of the subject. Coming out of the AICPA conference, I found great value in hearing a couple of other speakers talk about managing the next generation. This topic is of particular interest to me, as many of my staff were born after I joined the workforce — a rather interesting way of recognizing my age! Both presenters emphasized the difference in work-life balance needs, motivational techniques, and most of all, communication tools, of which blogs like this are a prime example.

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