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IBM Talent Acquisition Consulting Services Helps Clients Keep Up with the TA Evolution

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Talent acquisition is evolving out of necessity to keep up with the accelerated pace of business and to react to the increasingly competitive and complex talent market. This evolution is moving “traditional” talent acquisition from a reactive, historical, data-driven, one-size-fits-all linear method to a predictive, data-driven, multi-dimensional cognitive process, highly personalized for the candidates sought offer.

To help organizations keep in step with this evolution and compete for talent, IBM Talent Acquisition Consulting offers two core consulting solutions: optimization and reinvention.


TA Optimization

We help redesign an organization’s TA capability to achieve a client’s specific talent and business goals. Typically, these goals touch on issues such as improving the cost, speed and quality of hire, or competing for and attracting talent with niche skills and competencies.

Future talent is an essential part of the people strategy for a global life sciences organization. Competing for the best graduate talent required a program evolution to ensure the company could attract the highest quality candidates while delivering a great experience through a more efficient process. Working with the client, we envisioned the future for the program and created outcomes-focused initiatives to optimize the program.

Deliverables included:

  • IBM Design Thinking workshop creating personas and journey maps
  • New process mapping
  • Technology selection and implementation
  • Recruitment marketing strategy

The IBM team project managed the delivery to ensure completion of the project against strict deadlines.


TA Reinvention

We develop or recommend next-generation TA solutions—informed by data and analytics from the client, powered by cognitive and digital tools built by IBM using Design Thinking or appropriate solutions from third parties, and delivered through Digital Change, a way to managing change for our clients that equips them with an enduring solution of new behaviors and ways of working.

We offer our Reinvention solution to organizations that want to align their TA function with their business strategy, transform TA to a digital process or integrate new technologies, such as AI and automation, into TA.

Recruitment activity was highly decentralized for a U.S.-based major retailer, and many parts of the business were supported by HR rather than a specialist TA capability. A TA transformation was needed in parallel with the move to cloud and HR SSC strategies.

IBM Talent Acquisition Consulting designed the future of TA for this company, including organizational structure, process and technology aligned to the HR cloud and shared services strategy, while raising TA’s capability to attract and recruit top talent.

Deliverables included:

  • Future TA organization design for 100K+ hires
  • Future TA technology stack, including RPA and cognitive roadmap
  • High-level process design for talent segments
  • Reporting and metrics recommendations
  • Initiative development: ROI and effort assessment for change recommendations


Navigating disruption

The IBM Talent Acquisition Consulting team guides organizations through a variety challenges as they respond to disruption in their industries, from complying with regulatory change to finding, attracting and hiring talent with new, specialized skills.

For more information about how IBM can help your organization with a TA transformation, download the offering fact sheet.

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