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Re-imagining HR with Cognitive Technology

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What are your most pressing challenges in talent acquisition and onboarding? Have you ever thought about what you would change?

Now think about technology that shows you exactly where the skills gaps in your organization are, and can predict who you’ll need to hire in one month, six months, even a year from now. Imagine technology that identifies your top performers and proactively brings you candidates who look exactly like them. Envision knowing what candidates are thinking and saying about your organization, and customizing recruitment messaging to fit each individual. Imagine providing onboarding that adapts itself to the style and pace of the learner.

How could this transform the way you plan your workforce? How you source and recruit talent? How you teach new employees? Think about the strategic focus your team could have.

In today’s war for talent, top performing organizations must re-invent the way they attract, hire and onboard talent. We believe the competitive edge could be cognitive, and we’re not alone. One CHRO featured in the 2016 IBM C-Suite Study stated that “Cognitive computing will have a profound impact on HR. I envision great leaps in terms of guidance on human capital.”


 Wins for early adopters

Research from early cognitive adopters is already showing a big impact. According to a recent study released by the IBM Institute for Business Value, 49% of early adopters of cognitive report improved productivity and efficiency. In addition, 42% say cognitive has enabled faster response to customer and market needs. Makes sense, right? After all, with cognitive, questions are approached and resolved in the same way a human being would, but at warp speed.

I’ve kept you waiting long enough. So what’s the solution to some of your HR challenges? It’s not just a pipe dream—we’re at the forefront of innovation with a solution. IBM is using the power of Watson to transform talent acquisition and onboarding.

For example, with a cognitive solution like IBM Watson Recruitment, recruiters are able to match candidates to openings because their cultural match, success factors and risk for attrition have been factored in before the interview. This saves time for hiring managers, too, because they interview only highly screened candidates.

To explore how cognitive recruiting tools from IBM Talent Acquisition Optimization can streamline your talent acquisition process, saving time and reducing costs, request a free consultation today.

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