Gartner Symposium Trends: Turn Algorithms into Actions


Day two of the Gartner Symposium ITxpo was filled with trends impacting the information technology space. With such a variety of topics covered, it was difficult to narrow down to which technologies are poised to cause major disruption over the next few years. However, whether attending sessions on cloud, Internet of Things, systems architecture or additive manufacturing, one major theme became very apparent: Every company must be able to turn their data into real-time actions.

This means run your analytics, don’t let your analytics run you. Position your data initiatives with concrete problems you’re hoping to solve, instead of waiting for possible data trends to be revealed. The media is saturated with facts about how more data is being generated today than ever before, but companies can’t simply hire data scientists or purchase data services and expect immediate results.

Analytics, data infrastructure and cloud are the top three areas that Chief Investment Officers are investing in according to the 2016 CIO Agenda. All of these platforms should be used to inform smarter, faster decision-making. In an example from the airline industry shared during an opening keynote session by Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President and CEO of IBM, she described that because of analytics, engine manufacturers can now predict when airplanes are expecting an overhaul. This ability to adapt in real-time increases customer satisfaction and saves airlines millions in repairs.

With approximately 26 billion devices expected to be online by 2020, tapping into the connectivity of the Internet of Things has never been more important. We live in an API-economy where you can cherry pick different data solutions to fit just about any need. Leaders must take advantage of these technologies, but turn complex algorithms into impactful actions to meet business objectives and improve customer experiences. Companies—and their customers—will greatly appreciate the result.

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