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The IBM 2010 CFO Study identified a group of outperforming Finance organizations, which we call Value Integrators. Value Integrators excel at two capabilities: 1) Finance efficiency brought about by process and data consistency, which helps unlock the power of analytics and 2) business insight to drive enterprise performance.

But how does a Finance organization become a Value Integrator? How does it make the transformation required to become the fact-based voice of reason and insight for the enterprise? Our latest research, entitled Journey to a Value Integrator, profiles 15 high-performing enterprises from the CFO study and provides a new playbook for Finance Transformation based upon five core enablers.
The Value Integrators in our case studies followed very similar paths, addressing Finance Efficiency first, then Business Insight. However, this was not necessarily by design. Very few developed a strategic roadmap or master plan for the entire journey. Each company’s objectives, the enablers employed and the order in which initiatives were staged were, by coincidence, very similar.,
So, in addition to reading our full study to dive deeper on these findings, we developed an interactive playbook that allows you to navigate and explore each of these five transformation enablers in greater detail and provides case study insights to bring the findings to life. What’s more, this tool provides you with specific detail on how IBM can help you advance on your journey.

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