Don’t Fret Cognitive

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Day two here at Insight reinforced some common projections that have been making a big splash in the technology industry. We’re entering the cognitive era. Whether you’ve heard about this transition from Bob Dylan, Ken Jennings or Annabelle, it will only resonate if you understand how cognitive computing will impact your life and business.

Devices have long been able to run algorithms and deliver outputs. However, these systems are transitioning into a time where computers are taught and not programmed. “The analytics is just the start, it’s the human element that’s critically important,” said Vince Walden, Partner, Ernst & Young. There’s no more reinventing the wheel, it’s predicting what wheel to reinvent.

The human element of machines has been missing since the day they were built and the learning no longer ends when the screen turns off. Thousands of tools are being created to find answers to problems you didn’t even know you had. Every company needs to welcome this type of cognitive technology into their business because if you don’t recognize the impact of data, your competition already has.

There’s no such thing as a non-technology company anymore and the tools are widely available to see how you could transform a mom-and-pop operation into an industry disruptor. With 80% of enterprise data being unstructured or unable to use, cognitive systems will help lead us through the dark. These systems understand like humans do and never stop learning. As time goes on, the system becomes even more valuable. As Nancy Bailey, Vice President, IT Business Partners, at Boeing stated, “Big data is just data, unless you do something with it”.

So as you continue hearing these buzzwords, understand that cognitive combines the thinking of a human mind with the technical abilities of a supercomputer. This technology could reroute your drive home based on predictive weather patterns or prevent turbulence on your next flight. The impact of cognitive is very real and will be impacting your daily life more and more in the near future.

Tomorrow will be all about the travel industry and how technology will soon improve your next trip. Find out about aerospace progression as well as many other enhancements happening worldwide.

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