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Cognitive Is Calling. Are You Ready for the Future of Recruiting?

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Announcing IBM Watson Recruitment

What does it take to predict the future? Well, as the old saying goes, it requires us to create it. And create it we did. We are thrilled to announce IBM Watson Recruitment—a game changer for the recruitment industry. Unlike anything currently in market, our all-new cognitive recruiting solution solves some of the most significant recruitment challenges organizations face today, including workforce strategy, talent acquisition, market, competitor and engagement issues. That’s why Horses for Sources Analyst Mike Cook recently reinforced the exciting future of recruiting from IBM.

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As an embedded service offered exclusively to clients who partner with IBM Talent Acquisition & Optimization for RPO engagements, IBM Watson Recruitment includes four modules to reshape how companies find and attract talent:

  • Recruiter: Quickly identify the level of difficulty and effort required to support your hiring requirements.
  • Sourcing: Predict candidate likelihood of success in your job openings.
  • Marketing: Gain real-time insight into market factors that affect your employment brand.
  • Labor Planning: Forecast hires required to meet your workforce and productivity requirements.


Living up to the hype

So what’s all the excitement? Well, by leveraging the IBM Watson Recruitment, you now have the ability to understand your hard-to-fill roles. You can access social sentiment that provides insight on candidate attraction and employer brand perception. And you can leverage analytics for optimal lever recommendations to minimize long-term labor rates. It also has some pretty sweet elements that make it one-of-a-kind—with Patented Advance Analytics combined with Cognitive APIs, it’s the first cognitive dashboard to focus on the full lifecycle of recruitment and address each area of cognitive technology. And it’s something you can’t afford to miss out on.


The real impact on recruiting

Our solution makes a big difference for both clients and recruiters alike. For clients, you get unparalleled levels of data and transparency at your fingertips. With the ability to export data, you get access to the same information that the recruiting team has. And it’s this type of transparency and insight that has not previously been available or seen within the industry. Recruiters are able to help you find the top talent you need through improved work prioritization and through real-time social insights that help close candidates faster. Recruiters can even scan databases in seconds, matching candidates to jobs, and predicting both candidate success and risk factors. It’s this new level of recruiter efficiency that makes IBM Watson Recruitment the future of recruiting.

So now that you’ve seen the future, are you ready to revolutionize your recruiting function? With Watson as the world’s first and most advanced cognitive capability powering recruiting, let’s create the future of talent acquisition in your organization. It takes your vision for success, IBM Watson technology and our approach of RPO by Design to build the future together.

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