Chief Information Officers to discuss challenges – June 15 & 16

Chicago aerial view

We’re looking forward to hosting the CIO Leadership Exchange in Chicago on June 15-16. It’s an exclusive (and invite-only) annual gathering of chief information officers and senior leaders in technology from Fortune 1000 companies and other leading organizations.

At the CIO Leadership Exchange event, attendees plan to discuss with their peers such timely topics as how they are tackling adapting legacy systems or how they are adjusting to an ever-changing IT landscape increasingly dominated by cloud computing, social business, and mobile and analytics strategies.

In addition, CEOs will present wisdom and practical tips on how CIOs can forge successful partnerships with chief executives within their own organizations to achieve IT goals efficiently.

What do you think are the biggest challenges that face today’s CIOs? How do you think they can forge stronger relationships with CEOs? Do you have a story about how you, as a CIO, have overcome a challenge by migrating to a cloud environment, or establishing an infrastructure that better enables a social business? What’s your biggest headache stemming from more mobile users within your organization? How do you use analytics to do your job better?

Even if you’re not able to make the event, you can join in on the conversation in real time via Twitter. Search for the hashtag #CIOexchange and also follow @IBMTHINKLeaders.

You can also download and share our IBM CIO Study online as well as gain perspective from other C-suite leaders on business, leadership strategy and technology.  Watch for new colorful and helpful graphics that will summarize big ideas and recurring trends that will surface at the Leadership Exchange on @IBMTHINKLeaders. And be sure to check out THINK Leaders for useful content and news to help you improve your performance as a CIO.

Looking forward to engaging online, sharing insight from innovative leaders and building new connections.

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