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The pivotal CIO: Strategic mandates and an urgency to transform

“Who needs a CIO?” The IBM Global CIO Study raised that question back in 2011. At that time, the usefulness of a centralized CIO role was under question, with technology being infused into every aspect of the organization as peer executives applied specific technologies to support their disciplines. However, the 2011 study revealed that CIOs […]

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Secure your future with mainframe

When your company’s major investors ask you how safe their assets are, how do you respond? Do you have the right technology to keep them safe? Mainframe could help you answer those questions more confidently. While mainframe technology is nothing new, the latest generation is even safer and more cost-efficient. In fact, modern mainframes are […]

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Your Digital Reinvention journey begins here

IBM helps organizations fundamentally redesign processes, experiences and infrastructure to create new sources of value and drive greater efficiencies through Digital Reinvention™. Our consultants help you apply advanced technologies embedded with AI, automation and analytics to modernize enterprise IT infrastructure and optimize operations.

Blockchain can help financial institutions take the right risks

The beauty of blockchain stems from its direct transformative impact on a company’s capability to manage risk. Uncertainty is a powerful factor in a business environment, and the ability to properly balance it is paramount to success. Leading financial institutions understand that taking calculated gambles is a necessary part of doing business. Modernization, innovation, growth, […]

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Organizations are reinventing their businesses with AI

A gap is emerging between companies that have embraced artificial intelligence (AI) and those that have not. Early adopters are using AI to rethink and reinvent their enterprises, positioning themselves to discover innovations that were once unimaginable. Those that haven’t yet leveraged AI are missing out on insights and opportunities that could help transform their […]

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It’s time to digitally reinvent retail

The retail industry is facing severe disruption. Ever-evolving customer expectations, advances in digital technologies, increased competition from new entrants and encroachment from other industries are all putting immense pressure on traditional, established retailers. The end-to-end consumer value chain is changing beyond recognition. The retail industry is at the vanguard of a revolution that focuses more […]

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The risk of disruption is a regional phenomenon

Nearly half of the more than 7,000 executives we’ve surveyed so far for the IBM Global C-suite Study report little to no disruption in their industries. At first, this finding surprised us. Now, we have a possible explanation for it: Some regions seem to be more affected by disruption than others. If you operate mainly […]

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Analytics can help nonprofits leap ahead of their competition

The rise of digital platforms coupled with increasing donor demand for transparency means nonprofit organizations need to leap into action with their data and analytics capabilities before they lag others and lose out. Nonprofit organizations often fill critical gaps in the social fabric of the world, yet few can afford to leverage technologies that are […]

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Companies ignore the threat of disruption at their own peril

Industry disruption is here to stay according to research institutions, top analysts and the business press, but many C-suite executives (CxOs) beg to differ. Almost half of the 6,000 CxOs we’ve surveyed through June as part of the IBM Global C-suite Study say their industry is experiencing little to no disruption today. If disruption really […]

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Consumers still want cars but seek other mobility options

Will consumers want to own cars in 10 years? Are alternative ownership models the future of mobility? What technologies do people want in cars? These are just some of the questions the IBM Institute for Business Value set out to answer in our auto consumer study, A new relationship – people and cars. We surveyed […]

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Alternative payment options threaten to unsettle the business world

As alternative payment options such as PayPal and Google Wallet gain popularity, they also are climbing the list of the C-suite’s top concerns. The IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) has tracked global industry trends through its ongoing series of C-suite studies since 2003. Our latest research, which we will publish in 2018, shows that […]

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Cognitive and AI will revolutionize supply chain operations

The futuristic renderings of science fiction have become reality: Robotic likenesses are now automating and instrumenting a learning supply chain. Artificial intelligence (AI) is making sense of the deluge of operational data from a plethora of devices and cloud applications. This technology also applies advanced mathematics to create products, processes and systems that can adapt […]

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Finance leaders are stepping into the cognitive era

Pressure on chief financial officers (CFOs) to enable enterprise agility and help their businesses make better decisions is intensifying. Finance organizations must now proactively manage business growth and risk. Cognitive computing can help CFOs improve operational efficiency and create the potential for faster profitable growth. According to surveyed chief executive officers (CEOs), finance is one […]

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