Digital Transformation

IBM Consultants share how their clients are tackling digital transformation.

Why many CIOs are taking a second look at cloud

As a CIO, you want your organization’s data to provide meaningful insights and predictive business models. You want it to be presented in a way that provides choice and control, knowledge, and sovereignty. And you want it to be stored with enterprise grade flexibility, scalability and security. How can you achieve these goals? With new […]

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A new day requires new ways: designing “Digital Change” for effective transformation

The tectonic plates of business and technology are shifting. In our anytime, anywhere world, the rate of change business leaders face is advancing in the blink of an eye. Today’s business norm is to optimize disruptive innovations powered by a digital revolution. The digitization of work and talent is driving a need for new approaches […]

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Your Digital Reinvention journey begins here

IBM helps organizations fundamentally redesign processes, experiences and infrastructure to create new sources of value and drive greater efficiencies through Digital Reinvention™. Our consultants help you apply advanced technologies embedded with AI, automation and analytics to modernize enterprise IT infrastructure and optimize operations.

The amazing race: The accelerating pace of enterprise automation

  Is your company keeping pace with advances in enterprise automation? Those of us who work in enterprise automation have the perception that the whole world is automating, and fast. That’s why we called our cognitive enterprise automation workshop at Gartner Symposium “The Amazing Race.” We wanted to reflect the urgency we feel as the […]

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How is cloud driving digital disruption across industries?

Why did companies and people first start using the cloud? Typically, it was a tactical play to save IT organizations time, human resources and money — table stakes issues. But the platform has quickly evolved, with a new generation of software products leveraging the cloud to drive business agility, scalability to match demand and improved […]

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Why microservices matter to you

To meet the changing demands of business, enterprise CxOs need to participate in the digital economy, and capitalize on new channels and sources of revenue. If they have not already done so, it may be necessary for them to revitalize their core systems, and put into place an omnichannel environment that leverages multi-speed IT. Unfortunately, […]

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Why – and how – you need to begin your cognitive enterprise automation initiative.

Automation doesn’t threaten jobs; it enhances job satisfaction. While 98%1 of companies are already engaged in some form of automation, their staff needn’t be concerned that robots will soon take over their work. It’s estimated that fewer than 5%2 of jobs are fully automatable. Rather than fear automation, many employees are elated when it relieves […]

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What are microservices and why are they important?

With the continued, unrelenting expansion of customer, supplier and partner ecosystems, organizations are seeking better ways to strengthen engagement with them, and optimize their contribution to the corporate bottom line. Microservices enable digital leaders to meet the requirements of these constituents by quickly adding new functionality, making changes to and maintaining existing functions, and bringing […]

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Do you know what an astounding number of senior IT executives admit they’re doing wrong?

A recent research report revealed that 95% of enterprises consider innovation to be important. As a matter of fact, approximately 30% consider innovation essential to their future survival and growth. That being the case, what percentage of senior IT executives do you think would describe their current business practices as innovative? The answer is going […]

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CIOs deal with Cloud, Cognitive, and Complexity to bring innovation to their organization

Recently, I had the pleasure of delivering a key note address to the Millennium Alliance, a gathering of CIOs and CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) from many of the world’s most successful organizations. I am always energized by the interaction with our clients on the magnitude of transformation they are undergoing, and the depth of […]

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The Intersection of Automation and Artificial Intelligence

The difference between automation and artificial intelligence I get this question a lot – what’s the difference between automation and artificial intelligence?    With so many technologies and trends, it’s easy to get confused.   As with most technology topics, there are opinions – think of the great debate on how to pronounce GIF!  With that as […]

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Weather means Business: Weather Data as a Driver for Digital Innovation

The impact of weather on business is underestimated. As organizations are increasingly looking to external data sources to innovate and optimize their business, precise weather data sticks out as a unique source of competitive advantage. Across industries, leading players are using weather data to transform decision making and to enable new business models. ‘Data is […]

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The “Two Waves” of Big Data

New Technologies, Enhanced Processes There is an old saying that “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Big Data is far more than just Hadoop. Spark, Python, Scala, Cassandra, and Atlas are open source Big Data technologies that have expanded the ability for analytics to scale in velocity and volumes that can […]

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