Berman’s CES Annual Top 10 Trends for 2013

Improved TV Everywhere or is it really Nowhere? No,
it is not even TV as we knew it!  It is video from the web or broadcast
and it plays on a bigger better monitor!  It may be OLED and curve
around itself so you can see from any angle, it may be Ultra HD 4K if we
ever get the content to go with the beautiful pictures, and it can be
in most any size up to 100 inches or more. Samsung, LG, Sharp & Sony
all had sets to impress but when is a TV not a TV anymore? 

Tap, Touch & Slide Tablets Galore In
every flavor and in every size from big to small with any color cover
you want. Some are really PC’s and you can add the key board to make it
really appear such. Of course there was the PC version that twists,
flips, slides, or separates into the tablet. The manufacture’s vary but
Windows 8 and Intel seem to dominate.   Now how will I keep track of all
my tablets let alone my content so I guess that means another app to

Search & Search Some More Since
we have all this content, all these devices, and all these apps, vying
for my attention, the question is how to search it?  Now the experiments
with improved cross platform users guides begin! Oh yes, of course will
all the social media on display will help us or further confuse us?
Simplicity may call for less not more as most of us would like to avoid
the help desk even if a genius sits there.

Interface forms expand to use more senses On
screen guides now can be voice(LG, Panasonic) and gesture activated
& multi touch or eye motion controlled (Haier)  Imagine everyone
yelling and flailing their hands at the TV.  Well at least its good for
the exercise. In some cases you can do multi touch and use 2 hands at
once. Our researchers say smell and taste maybe used next. IBM’s 5 in 5

Smart Health is now a Real Option Now
that we need to work out to change the channel we can also monitor our
health and share it with anyone and everyone that might want to know and
certainly monitor the baby with sophistication. There is even the
Robostep to move you around. Oh and of course you can get the smart fork
that tells you when you are eating too much, though I seem to recall
selling that in my store 25 years ago! Of course all this will require
smart analytics and Watson like capabilities.

Smart Glasses can help us See even what is not there! Look
down or to the side and see and read any document from your files or
the web on the go.  From Vuzix and Motorola, and sounds good but oh some
many bugs and synch issues makes me for one think it is just alpha ware
at this point, though they still have something to show and may be
ahead of Google.

Power of the Cloud is happening Yes,
the cloud changes everything.  Now you can connect all your content
access to every device via the cloud.  Many new applications and
potential business models, particularly for multi player gaming.  What
is your cloud strategy? (video)

Smart Cars & Smart Homes connect yourself and your internet of things Yes
we can connect and control everything in your house or car from
everywhere. Leuxs, Ford, & GM all have their versions to make you
safer and connected. How wonderful, just hope I can text and enter
without getting a ticket as I drive in my self guiding car! Car 54 I can
track where you are now? 

Over the top grows Whether
it is the improved Belkin Broadcast to the tablet or all the smart TV’s
with broadband capability – it continues to grow with Netflix, Hulu,
and the like and it is only a matter of time as the consumer learns to
use such devices.  Watch out as the consumer wants a la carte options
whether the industry does or not.  If the bundle is so good then let it
stand the test of consumer choice. Please learn from the music
industry.(Suggest your read Not for Free by yours truly)

Apple accessories for whatever? The
largest smart toy maker was not there once again but there was a whole
hall of things to add to such devices. You can now in many cases create
your own colors, styles and patterns.

The Chinese are coming! No
they are here, sort of, with Haier & Huawei leading the way. They
are offering comparable products at much lower prices.  Now they are at
CES in force but still lack the marketing skills and real impact.  They
have some of the dullest booths with inadequate staffing but may
increasingly be the future.

And now for the annual bonus question and trend!

The Dead or near dead & the just Missing No
Kodak, No Noika, No RIM, and of course No Microsoft (though in fairness
some where there just not in a booth this year.) Likewise the Japanese
are still here in force but no longer dominate and are in some cases are
shrinking their presence.  So what conclusion do we draw?  It was clear
it was the end of the PC and the end of the digital camera as we knew
them with more such transformations to come!  To survive, what ever you
do remember to digitally transform (video) but also go “Beyond Digital” (report), oh yes I said that one before as well.

what does this mean for the future of CES?  Only time will tell if we
the industry and participants can adapt as well.  In any case I am sure
we will be back in Vegas next January for at least one year more. In the
interim you can disagree with me or  follow me on twitter @thnqtnq or reach me at to hear more from Dr Saul!

Happy 2013 and beyond and my apologies to those I did not get to see or mention!

Chief Strategist at IBM

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