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Recruitment processing outsourcing (RPO) is transferring the responsibility for part or all of the candidate recruitment process to a third-party expert.

An immediate benefit of RPO is that it frees HR teams from the time- and labor-intensive activities of recruitment, enabling them to concentrate on the value they can bring to their company through workforce planning, performance management and other HR activities.

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RPO provides other benefits too. In fact, if you’re exploring the possibility of using RPO, understand that a quality RPO must provide the following benefits:


1. RPO must be a driver of growth and healthy operations.

RPO is no longer viewed as just a method to fill a client’s open positions quickly and at a lower cost — although it certainly does that. The right RPO partner understands the strategic initiative of its client and the business outcomes it seeks, then delivers a recruitment strategy, global sourcing and hiring processes, and employment branding to achieve those outcomes.


2. RPO should improve your candidate experience, making it an extension of your overall brand.

Talent acquisition is not company-centric but candidate-centric. Employers see the power that the candidate holds in the recruitment experience. This is why it is imperative that your RPO partner create a candidate experience that you can be proud of and positions you as an employer of choice.


3. RPO hires better quality, better culture fit candidates.

A candidate’s fit with company culture is just as important as the resume. An RPO partner that conducts culture research and applies employment branding throughout the recruitment process is uniquely positioned to help companies find candidates who will embrace the values of and thrive in their culture.

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