Automation May Be the Key to Your Organization’s Next Big Innovation

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to rapidly develop your organization’s innovation? It’s closer than you think: your organization can take steps today for their IT talent to focus more on innovation and delivering higher value. The average company deploys 50% of its IT staff and 60% of its IT budget to simply maintaining applications. These processes can now be highly automated thanks to the combination of cognitive technologies and robotic automation. Cognitive automation improves the quality of your IT services, freeing up staff to focus on more strategic initiatives that provide innovation to the business, plus it can make them happier — who likes ruining a weekend with a software release?

Automation with Watson, Best Achievement of Operational Excellence in Tech & CommIBM recently introduced automation for application management and business processes that dramatically improves productivity, reduces costs and helps drive innovation. IBM integrated Watson technology – its cognitive systems which can understand natural language, reason and learn over time — and robotic automation. This combination helps organizations take a huge leap forward in managing applications and accelerating clients’ digital transformations. For example, in application management, we’re helping organizations eliminate up to 75% of incidents and free up to 25% of their IT resources with a self healing system that runs applications better than ever before. In procurement, human resources and finance, we’re using automation and Watson to help IBM’s clients realize increases in productivity of 40 to 60 percent in some tasks by driving fundamental changes in the way work gets done. We’re really proud of this innovation that IBMers have created and also honored by the award we just received at this year’s Business Transformation and Operational Excellence Industry Summit. IBM was recognized as an industry leader for its solution, which received the award for Best Achievement of Operational Excellence in Technology and Communications. Check out my interview with BTOES where I discuss takeaways from our award-winning project.

We’d be happy to discuss with your organization how we can help increase innovation by using our award winning cognitive and automation solutions.

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