Automation in Action

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New digital business models have completely shaken the global economy. More than half the names of the companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000. It’s likely that in another decade many more will fall off the list –- whether they are transformed through mergers and acquisitions or replaced by new companies and emerging industries.

In the digitally disrupted world, enterprises must keep up with the rate and pace of change. It is therefore no surprise that nearly ninety-eight percent of companies today have some mandate for automation.

To help clients compete, we are announcing the opening of the IBM Automation Innovation Center in Bangalore. The center combines state-of-the-art capabilities for experiential demonstrations, rapid prototyping, and the co-creation of automation solutions with our clients through Design Thinking. Visitors to the Center will have access to IBM engineers and scientists with expertise in automation, artificial intelligence and cloud infrastructure. This team of experts will help our clients create roadmaps to navigate their journeys to automation at scale.

Clients can be immersed in our IBM Automation capabilities, which bring the combined power of automation, artificial intelligence, technology and ecosystem partnerships to maximize business processes and IT operations. At the heart of the IBM Automation Innovation Center is a command center where our experts monitor thousands of automata in real time, spanning multiple technologies/platforms, and across over 100 clients — ensuring that the automation solutions we deploy for clients are optimized for maximum impact.

Clients will also experience and engage with our ecosystem partners, which include Blue Prism, IPsoft, Automation Anywhere and Softomotive. Together, we deliver the best robotic process automation and AI technologies to help our clients’ maximize their return on investment.

With automation, all aspects of operations can be digitized. For example, the burden of compliance and audit is alleviated as millions of rules can be checked in seconds to enable rapid business change. The right data can be extracted from documents providing relevant insights. And workflow is improved as agility, visibility and consistency becomes standard across hundreds of processes. Our belief is that automation has the power to impact every part of the enterprise to permanently change the way work is done. Automation speeds delivery to save money, but it also frees up to 25 percent of an employee’s time to focus on strategic initiatives.

The IBM Automation Innovation Center in Bangalore continues our investment in this transformative area. Earlier this year we opened a center in Dalian, China and over the next year we will open centers at key locations around the world. The global network of IBM Automation Innovation Centers will work together to exchange information to provide the latest insights and design approaches for deployment of solutions for our clients.

General Manager, GBS Cloud Application Innovation

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