Stephen Marshall

Business trends change faster than executives can prepare

It has become something of a cliché to hear that the pace of change in business continues to accelerate. Yet based on the evidence from thousands of in-depth interviews with senior executives for the Global C-suite Study over the course of this year, it’s apparent that there is some truth to the claim. At the […]

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Disruption is a well-known threat, but some organizations are still unprepared

Executives have heard many warnings about the threat of disruption. Yet some organizations appear to be doing little to prepare for a more dynamic, uncertain future. And they may be paying for it in lost opportunities and lower revenue. The IBM Institute for Business Value is exploring how organizations respond to the threat of disruption […]

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CxOs set their sights back on traditional targets

Two years ago, a new phenomenon was dominating the minds of CxOs the world over. One executive from the US transportation industry described it succinctly as: “The ‘Uber syndrome’ — where a competitor with a completely different business model enters your industry and flattens you.” Many other business leaders professed the same fear — that […]

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