Peter Korsten

Trend-setting thought leadership is the product of continuous conversation

Today’s executives tasked with keeping a finger on the pulse of change don’t want the latest information; they want the ability to look into the future to anticipate the next big opportunity – or the next major threat. The IBM Institute for Business Value strives to set the pace of change with our thought leadership. […]

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The Executive Agenda: Global Insights from C-Suite Leaders

How are top executives around the world positioning their organizations to thrive in an era of huge disruption? Our second study of the C-suite, launching November 3, has in-depth answers from executives who are making decisions that shape their companies and their industries. I am very excited, as the Global C-suite Study is the largest of its kind, and the 18th in […]

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10,000 CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and CHROs and counting… What did we learn?

Over the last two years, thousands of IBMers around the world conducted face-to-face interviews with a whopping 10,000+ executives. So what is it that they talked about?  1. Complexity, not change, is the major theme—a worry for most actually. Those that are...

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