Carolyn Heller Baird

Digital era brings new wave of customer experience lessons

Today’s customers can be disappointed after just one click, making customer experience more complex — and more important — than ever. Changes that come from digital customer experience impact not only customers, but also companies’ strategies, processes, operations and employees. The IBM Institute for Business Value surveyed 1,400 companies and 6,600 consumers to better understand […]

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Is your digital customer experience nirvana or a nightmare?

In this age of digital disruption, the move to digital customer experience seems inevitable. Companies across industries are aggressively implementing a variety of digital technologies — from mobile apps to virtual reality — to enhance their customer experience. But how much digital do customers really want? The IBM Institute for Business Value took a step […]

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Meet your new client – the Millennial decision makers

A lot has been written about the Millennial consumer, but not so much about the influence Millennials are having on their company’s business-to-business (B2B) purchasing decisions.  There’s also a lot of hype about who Millennials are and what they want, making it hard to separate fact from fiction. How are Millennials’ preferences impacting b2b marketing […]

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