A conversation with Air Canada Chief Architect, John Shortall

While at the Gartner Symposium in Orlando last week, I was able to chat with John Shortall, the Chief Architect for Air Canada.

You may remember last December when Apple and IBM announced that IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions were now available to enterprise customers. Air Canada was one of the first companies to partner with IBM to develop an application.

I sat down with John to chat about the series of new Air Canada apps that empower flight crews to offer personalized services to passengers in-flight. He explains how an algorithmic approach to transforming and understanding data can help when dealing with customer issues. And since we were in Orlando, I couldn’t help but inquire about who his favorite Disney character was.You can find out more about John’s work with Air Canada (and why Goofy holds a special place in heart) by listening to our THINK Leaders Podcast below.

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