5,247 CxO Interviews. Countless Insights About Surviving In The Age Of Disruption

Right now, there is a business somewhere out there planning to disrupt your industry.

It could be a current competitor. Or, considering the unparalleled amount of industry convergence we’re seeing today, it could be a start-up that’s not even on your radar. The invisible competitor may be lying in wait. Ready to blindside you by grabbing market share and establishing a foothold in your industry that will only grow over time.

Enterprises can avoid being blindsided by an unseen competitor. With preparation. With diligence. With a willingness to look beyond the way you’ve done business for years and the willingness to adopt a different point of view.

The recently completed IBM Global C-Suite Study shows that every business needs to be aware of and be prepared for disruptive innovators. We surveyed 5,247 business leaders from 21 industries in more than 70 countries to explore what they think the future holds, how they’re identifying new trends and how they’re positioning their organizations to prosper in the “age of disruption.”

Online surveys don’t compare. Not only did we interview CxOs worldwide, but our consultants also paired with Watson Analytics™, our pioneering cognitive system, to analyze the data and compile the most important insights from the open-ended responses we received.


Download the study to learn what’s on the minds of CXOs—their anxieties, what they view as a threat, and opportunities they’ve identified.

See what the most successful 5% of organizations do that the rest don’t. See what you can do to prevent that disruption and help lead your business – download the study now!

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