5 must-reads for CIOs headed to the Leadership Exchange June 15 & 16

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On July 15 & 16, IBM is hosting the invite-only CIO Leadership Exchange in Chicago. For attendees, we have curated a list of recent news stories to help you be in the know on the top stories affecting you and your role. Even if you’re not attending, check out these articles that can help you understand the latest issues affecting CIOs.

1. US proposes tighter export rules for computer security tools
Security tools can be dangerous in the wrong hands, which is why the U.S. is proposing stricter export rules. However, some wonder if this regulation does more harm than good.

2. CIOs put the Internet of Things in perspective
What new opportunities does the Internet of Things offer? Three CIOs weigh in.

3. Turn digital overload to your advantage
Feeling overwhelmed by too much digital information? Here’s how you can turn this overload into an asset.

4. Steps For Improving Your Information Security Policy
Does your business have a strong information security policy? It might not always prevent a data breach, but it does offer next steps.

5. Driverless Cars, AI, Robots: Why CIOs Should Care
Artificial intelligence might seem like far off science fiction for some, but it may have implications for today’s CIO.

Follow the conversations that will be taking place at the CIO Leadership Exchange next week by searching for the hashtag #CIOexchange and also by following @IBMTHINKLeaders. Let us know what you’re reading (and thinking!), too.

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