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2017 Perspective on the State of Talent Acquisition

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The goal and intent of the recruiting process hasn’t changed in the past 50 years, but everything else has. And the reality is that the traditional model of talent acquisition is a fundamental misfit in the current reality. 

The tactics and approaches we used before aren’t connecting with candidates the way they used to. And when talent acquisition organizations employ tools, such as applicant tracking systems or video interviewing platforms, these pieces of technology rarely talk to each other. This disconnected information hurts the candidate and hiring manager experience as well as the efficiency of the process.

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What’s changing?

Now more than ever before, it’s a candidate’s market. And what candidates want and how they approach recruitment is entirely different than it was just a few years ago. The focus on measuring the effectiveness of talent acquisition activities means that we’re constantly having to prove that what we do works, and even predict which candidates will be successful. Add to that the rapidly evolving talent acquisition technology, and it’s tempting to think there’s a tech solution that will fix the old model and make it as effective as it used to be.

But don’t be fooled: No one piece of technology added to the wrong model will yield the right results. What’s required is a wholesale transformation of talent acquisition as we know it.

Both the process and the players must be reinvented to address what’s happening now.


Learn how to navigate the current state of talent acquisition

The digital reinvention of talent acquisition is underway and no one can successfully navigate it alone. Take time to read the 2017 Perspective on the State of Talent Acquisition for more insight into:

  • Predicting candidate success
  • Operationalizing the digital transformation
  • Changing the conversation around quality of hire
  • Meeting the changing expectations of the candidate experience

Then, think about what kind of partner you want to help transform the way talent acquisition powers your business.

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