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The energy integrator spheres of operation

The energy integrator provisions the systems of engagement to sustainably balance distribution-side energy supply and demand safely, reliably and securely. The energy integrator operates within three core spheres of operation:   Grid operations: The physical operation of the distribution network. Innovation: A set of expanded roles driven by security and sustainability. Market: The management of […]

The role of the Energy Integrator – The modern era energy grid

The disruption in the energy industry has led to a new era in grid design, management and use. The industry is leaving behind the industrial era energy grid (IEeG) and is planning or building the modern era energy grid (MEeG). Whereas the IEeG was designed for electrification, driven primarily by centralized supply, the MEeG will […]

The role of the Energy Integrator

Continuing disruption in the energy sector is pervasive worldwide and it is driving structural, technical and commercial changes in the industry. In the midst of this disruption, utilities need to embrace the role of the Energy Integrator. Three precepts are at the core of what it means: The essential grid The power of markets The […]

The Disruption Series, Part 6 – Designing the Grid of the Future

I was recently in line at a checkout and spotted a special edition of Popular Science entitled 100 Inventions That Changed the World. I immediately opened it to see where the electric grid was on the list. After all, the National Academy of Engineering did name it the single most important invention of the 20th […]

The Disruption Series, Part 5 – Innovation in Utilities is currency

Having concluded the Q1 conference cycle, I want to step back and pause from the hype of the utility analytics vendor narrative (present company excluded of course!) and highlight a few realities. Reality #1: It’s the Data Regardless of the energy being put into building the set of analytics use cases that will surely result […]

The Disruption Series, Part 4 – IoT: Which glass is yours?

Which glass is your utility—half full or half empty? Consistent with prior entries, I will refrain from expounding here on the virtues of the Internet of Things (IoT). I refer you to the mass of literature that outlines its foibles, challenges and virtues. Instead, I offer a specific industry twist of the IoT story. For […]

The Disruption Series, Part 3 – Cloud

Cloud: Let’s talk adaptation   Disruption in the Energy & Utilities industry today and in the future is interlaced with five key technology happenings. One is cloud technology. It’s true that cloud is unrelentingly hyped, but there is a real possibility that the utility industry will be one of the few to miss the opportunities […]

The Disruption Series, Part 2 – Happening now: Instant awareness

The difference between being disrupted and being the disruptor in the utility industry is dependent on many factors. There are five key technology happenings that are shaping disruption and outcomes in the industry. Today I address one in particular: Situational awareness. Situational awareness (SA) may strike some as a dull subject. Not so! It’s a […]

The Disruption Series, part 1: Be the disruptor

Utilities are in the enviable position of being indispensable. Or at least they were. Emerging competitors that bring disruptive new technical plays—and effective customer approaches learned from other industries—are changing the way the grid is used and viewed. Energy & Utility companies need to generate new revenue growth by redefining the grid and making it […]