Global Sales and Solutions Leader, Energy & Utilities Industry at IBM

Cognitive Computing is creating a new partnership between people and computers

During the 2015 Eurelectic conference, I had the opportunity to present our views on Cognitive Systems, and start presenting use cases for Utilities. The sequence of the presentation was: What is cognition? How do humans think,..and what makes someone an expert? Why is enhanced cognition really needed, and now. Watson won Jeopardy in 2011….this was […]

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Potential New Models for Utilities in Africa and the Middle East

According to the Harvard Business Review, “As Africa’s economies progress, opportunities are opening in sectors such as retailing, telecommunications, banking, infrastructure-related industries, resource-related businesses, and all along the agricultural value chain.”  The same is true for the Middle East.  In both regions, energy needs and energy intensity have increased significantly, along with the need to […]

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