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Embrace Digital in the Wind Industry

The Wind Industry has grown exponentially over the last 10 years to become a very strong player in the global energy mix. While the past growth was based on the affirmative climate change actions supported by government subsidiaries globally, high uncertainty in oil prices and strong community driven initiatives,  economics and not subsidies will decide […]

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How Social Insights Can Power up the Energy and Utilities Industry

Today, we use social media in almost all spheres of our lives – in our personal relations, for entertainment, for work and… to engage with our utility providers. That’s right, in the past few years, social networks have transformed the conversations between utilities and their customers, who expect a more transparent dialog with their electric, […]

Energy Integrator - Operations innovation

The role of the Energy Integrator – The modern era energy grid

The disruption in the energy industry has led to a new era in grid design, management and use. The industry is leaving behind the industrial era energy grid (IEeG) and is planning or building the modern era energy grid (MEeG). Whereas the IEeG was designed for electrification, driven primarily by centralized supply, the MEeG will […]

The energy integrator spheres of operation

The energy integrator provisions the systems of engagement to sustainably balance distribution-side energy supply and demand safely, reliably and securely. The energy integrator operates within three core spheres of operation:   Grid operations: The physical operation of the distribution network. Innovation: A set of expanded roles driven by security and sustainability. Market: The management of […]

Every drop matters: Water, A Critical Resource to Conserve

  Water is an amazing natural resource.  It comprises about 57 to 60 percent of the adult human body and is so vital to human life that one can only survive about three days without it.  It is called the “universal solvent” because it dissolves more substances than any other liquid.  Modern life is dependent […]

How Utilities Can Respond to Increasing Power Disruptions from Climate Changes

Increasing Power Disruptions Challenge Utilities’ Response  They grab the global headlines: hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, severe winter storms, and heat waves. While property destruction and loss of life deservingly dominate the headlines, the power outages these events create are part of the story, too. Superstorm Sandy created several headlines around the response of utilities to outages […]

The role of the Energy Integrator

Continuing disruption in the energy sector is pervasive worldwide and it is driving structural, technical and commercial changes in the industry. In the midst of this disruption, utilities need to embrace the role of the Energy Integrator. Three precepts are at the core of what it means: The essential grid The power of markets The […]

Collaboration and Alliances: Extending reach and insourcing innovation in Energy and Utilities

IBM’s different alliances are driving innovation in Energy and Utilities. IBM is a partner in a number of quite different alliances, ranging from collaborative research projects and joint marketing agreements at one end of the spectrum to tightly bound commercial partnerships and joint ventures at the other.  Some, such as our partnership with Apple to transform […]

Making DER work in the real world

The room lights up when you flick a switch. This everyday action hides a level of complexity that belies its simplicity. When you flip that switch, where does the energy come from? At what price? What is the environmental impact? Who decides? To answer these questions, we begin by observing that our electrical grids are in […]

The Smart Grid was your first Internet of Things project

For many electric power utilities, the Smart Grid was their first Internet of Things project. Just as some early smart grid projects were started before the term became popular, and were then known as an intelligent utility network or advanced distribution automation project, so too was smart grid an early version of internet of things […]

Mobility in the Energy and Utility industry

Use of smartphones and tablets by utility employees and customers have forced utilities to deal with the challenges of the new mobile era. Mobility has affected the speed of the utility’s digital transformation, with employee and customer expectations increasing rapidly. Utility employees are awaiting dynamic and configurable services and processes with similar level of experience […]

Security in Energy and Utilities: a new dimension of your assets

Energy and utility organizations are at the forefront of cyber security attacks. Because of their role as a fundamental necessity of today’s society, it is the most attacked critical infrastructure. The modernization of the electric distribution system, known colloquially as the ‘smart grid’ has to take extra precautions so that the smart grid does not […]

The Disruption Series, Part 6 – Designing the Grid of the Future

I was recently in line at a checkout and spotted a special edition of Popular Science entitled 100 Inventions That Changed the World. I immediately opened it to see where the electric grid was on the list. After all, the National Academy of Engineering did name it the single most important invention of the 20th […]

Cognitive Computing is creating a new partnership between people and computers

During the 2015 Eurelectic conference, I had the opportunity to present our views on Cognitive Systems, and start presenting use cases for Utilities. The sequence of the presentation was: What is cognition? How do humans think,..and what makes someone an expert? Why is enhanced cognition really needed, and now. Watson won Jeopardy in 2011….this was […]

The Disruption Series, Part 5 – Innovation in Utilities is currency

Having concluded the Q1 conference cycle, I want to step back and pause from the hype of the utility analytics vendor narrative (present company excluded of course!) and highlight a few realities. Reality #1: It’s the Data Regardless of the energy being put into building the set of analytics use cases that will surely result […]