IBM Watson

Ahead of the Curve: Digital Reinvention in Electronics with Intelligent IoT

Spurred by the growing prevalence of AI, IoT, and other emerging technologies, many electronics companies are reevaluating their digital strategy in order to remain competitive.  According to a recent study from IBM Institute for Business Value – IBV, 73 percent of electronics companies cite new technology as a ‘dramatic external force that will impact their […]

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Cognitive Transformation Loves Agile

It’s been two years since IBM introduced the Watson business unit and the new business environment called “The Cognitive Era”. There have been many companies who started applying cognitive technologies into their businesses, but not so many have transformed their business in a fundamental way.  Some have done well and some have struggled. I would […]

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Watson for Field Service is Transforming the Electronics Industry

An electronics manufacturer’s ability to provide cost-effective post-sales support helps it to stand out from the competition.  Service delays, repeat service visits and lengthy repair times lead to negative client satisfaction and high service costs. To address this issue, IBM’s Watson for Field Service is helping electronics companies manage and monitor their support costs, as […]

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