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IBM’s Watson is Transforming Post Sales Customer Support

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Think about it. In the world of customer support, by the time your customers reach out to you, they’re generally not happy. Typically, they’ve searched for solutions to their problem online and have come up short. They’re bringing tough issues to your agents, because if the problem was easy, they’d solve it themselves.

If you think your customers are willing to wait patiently while your support agent attempts to diagnose their issues, think again. One-third of Millennials are only willing to wait one to three minutes to get a response to their phone query before they drop!* Their next step is often venting about negative post sales customer support experiences on social media.

Tougher-to-resolve problems. Sophisticated products. Increased customer expectations. Low agent job satisfaction and high turnover. These same agents are also expected to upsell and cross-sell extended warranties, peripheral and complimentary products, and more. Increasingly, customer support is becoming a competitive differentiator.

That’s why post sales customer support is transforming, and IBM® Watson® is leading the way. Watson Post Sales Customer Support solutions use cognitive computing and analytics to alleviate some of your most acute service pain points, with offerings that include:

Watson Virtual Agent
Your customers would prefer to resolve their issues on their own—if they can. The Watson Virtual Agent empowers them to ask questions via a natural language chat interface and receive insightful answers to their questions. Customers can quickly resolve post sales customer support problems—with a little help from Watson.

Watson Agent Assist

Contact center agents are under pressure to resolve issues quickly and accurately —and capitalize on the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell. By integrating the cognitive Watson Agent Assist capability, Watson helps agents address complex issues, ask questions and obtain solution advice in natural language, while also accessing personalized information that drives customer satisfaction.

Watson Field Service Advisor
Field technicians are onsite, face to face with frustrated customers. With businesses often suffering real-time operational impacts, these customers are in a hurry. With cognitive insights to elevate expertise and drive operational efficiency, the Watson Field Service Advisor helps field techs to up their game. They quickly retrieve the info they need to diagnose and resolve service issues. Repair times and costs? Decreased. Client satisfaction? Increased.

Watson Post Sales Customer Support solutions make life easier for your customers and your agents by helping them achieve effective, personalized resolutions more quickly and accurately. With 72 percent of customers saying that valuing their time is the most important thing you can do to provide good service, ** your post-sales customer support transformation is off and running.

This is the first in a series about IBM Watson Post Sales Customer Support. Our next posts will cover the three solutions in more detail. For more information, please connect with David Linden or Ken Pace – details below.

Co-written by David Linden
Partner, IBM Global Business Services
phone: 415-264-4446
Twitter: @Linden_dm

* IBM Millennials Customer Survey, North America, 2016

** Forrester. Navigate The Future Of CRM In 2017, January 30, 2017.

Subject Matter Expert, IBM Global Electronics Center of Competence

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