What to expect at CES 2017

Written by: Quentin Samelson

CES 2017 is only a few weeks away, and it is already getting a lot of attention. It is easily the largest trade show in America, with attendance approaching 200,000 over four days. For those four days (January 5th through the 8th ) the show dominates Las Vegas, with most hotel rooms full and waiting lines at restaurants. CES 2017 will cover almost 2.5 million square feet and feature over 3,800 exhibitors.

Reasons to attend

What accounts for the size of CES? Partly it’s what’s being shown – the newest, coolest gadgets. And unlike a lot of trade shows, most of us can understand what those gadgets do, and can envision buying them for ourselves. But the show isn’t open to the public – it’s only for people who work in the consumer technologies industry. So why do they go? Some are certainly there because they expect to sell some of the products on display; and some need to see and understand what their competitors have on display.

But there’s another reason to attend. The sheer number of people from the electronics industry means that there are also opportunities to step behind the curtains and understand the technologies and capabilities that enable the new devices on display – or, in some cases, the capabilities that help companies produce those devices faster, cheaper, and with higher quality.

IBM at CES 2017

This year IBM will be at CES, talking to other companies in the electronics industry about what they can achieve by becoming cognitive businesses. We’ll be featuring six clients across different industries that are already on their Cognitive Journey – but more importantly, we’ll be providing details about the cognitive technology & capabilities that are powering them on that journey.

IBM at CES 2017

We’ll include the “Cognitive Manufacturing” technologies. These are what enable electronics companies to manufacture their products faster and cheaper – with less inventory and at a higher quality level. We’ll be sharing information from a recent study on the benefits of Cognitive Manufacturing, and helping companies to understand what kind of benefits might be available to them, and how to get them.

For more info, take a look at Hope to see you there!

Sr. Managing Consultant, Electronics Center of Competence at IBM

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