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Sometimes it takes a community: Bringing a Blockchain Consortium to Life

If you’ve been working for more than a couple of decades, you remember the frenzy over Y2K. At the end of the last millennium, people were convinced that there would be a global meltdown as millions of computer programs incorrectly handled the transition from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000. When it actually occurred, […]

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Your ERP system is too important to leave in the hands of the IT department!

No disrespect is meant to the folks in IT… what I’m hoping to communicate is the fact that your company’s ERP system is critical to the success of your business, and enough things have changed in the last few years that you need to pay attention to it. Here’s what has happened:   SAP – […]

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Consortium-supported Blockchain Applications: Trust Your Supplier

As mentioned in my last post[1], over the last decade or so Electronics companies (among others) have installed processes to improve their control over the way that they qualify new suppliers. Regulatory requirements, audits, penalties and the potential for damage to a company’s brand have made it critical that companies do an effective job of […]

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Consortium-supported Blockchain Applications: Responsible Sourcing

  Several earlier blogs[1] discussed the idea that some blockchain applications would be best developed by a group of companies – a consortium – rather than by one “founder.” Two applications were covered in those earlier blogs – anti-counterfeiting and materials content declarations (MCD). Both of those deal with knowing critical information about what goes […]

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Consortium-supported Blockchain Applications: Materials Content Declarations

(This post is a continuation from two earlier posts, referenced in the footnote.[1]) A consortium approach may be the most practical way to solve another problem that affects the entire electronics industry. This is in the processes that support companies’ environmental compliance programs. Companies that sell electronic products into major markets such as North America, […]

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A Multitude of Metrics

Operations and supply chain people talk about metrics all the time, but we don’t spend a lot of time on the metrics themselves. The nature of how metrics function, and how they are put together, is worth our attention: If we don’t understand how metrics work and what different kinds of metrics are intended to […]

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Consortium-supported Blockchain Applications: Anti-Counterfeiting

In an earlier post[1], I described how some excellent use cases for blockchain technology may be held back by either lack of sufficient information on the full cost of process problems outside a company, or by a general preference at companies to not “go it alone” in building a new blockchain solution. The consortium approach […]

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Blockchain Solutions: Sometimes it takes a village (i.e. a consortium)

I’m often the person who presents the basics of blockchain technology to people at electronics companies, which brings a small but enjoyable reward with it: I get to see the light come on in executives’ eyes when they realize that blockchain can solve a real-life problem for them. Our discussions almost always get more animated […]

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Finding the extra production line(s) hidden in your factory (Part 3 of a series)

In two previous posts on the OEE metric and how to find the extra production line(s) hidden in your factory, we discussed the factors that go together to measure Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Restating a simple progression from the end of the last post, generally you monitor line performance first. Often, simply being more aware of […]

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Hey bud, want a free manufacturing line? (Part 2)

Maybe you’ve been measuring your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for a while now, and you now know that your operations are running between, say, 60% on a good day and 42% on a bad day. There’s lots of room for improvement – there’s almost a whole second factory hidden inside your factory! But how do […]

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Blockchain will transform Post Sales Customer Support

Much of the buzz around blockchain has focused on cryptocurrencies, or the impact the shared, distributed ledger will have on supply chains and counterfeit prevention. But the technology is also expected to have a major impact on services delivery in the electronics industry. Indeed, spending on blockchain applications for “warranty claims” and “equipment and service/parts […]

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What can you do about a lousy forecast?

One of the oldest jokes in operations management is that “accurate forecast” is an oxymoron. But it seems that many companies have gotten so used to poor forecast quality that they’ve lost focus on this business-critical issue. After all, improving forecast accuracy by even a small amount can have a massive, and very positive effect […]

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