Personalized Learning

What We Learned About the Future of Education From You

Since very early times in the history of humanity, education shaped our future. Nowadays, the fast pace imposed by the digital era impacts not only the way we work or run our day to day life, but also the way we learn. More and more we see how education is being transformed by technology to […]

Personalized Learning

The Role of Digital Education Services to Deliver Personalized Learning

We hear a lot of industry hype about digitally delivered education services and how they will help to deliver personalized learning. When I talk to clients the situation on the ground is much more complex, so it is important for us to be credible and realistic in these conversations. About 3 months ago I asked […]

How Cognitive Systems can Enable Personalized Learning

Our educational institutions are not meeting the skills needed for today’s jobs.  Industries are looking for specific areas of expertise but we continue to teach a one-size-fits-all curriculum that was developed 125 years ago.  Businesses are recognizing the speed at which the digital transformation is happening.  Technology is so rapidly advancing and yet our schools […]

Social Media Insights: Classroom of the Future

In 1907, The Journal of Education solemnly condemned “[o]ur modern family gathering, silent around the fire, each individual with his head buried in his favorite magazine, is the somewhat natural outcome of the banishment of colloquy from the school…” Now imagine replacing “favorite magazine” with “smartphone” or “app” and you get the kind of remark […]

Education is the Promise of a Future

Today’s learners must be able to think critically, recognize patterns, solve problems and communicate effectively in the workforce and society to be successful.  Sixty-three percent of education leaders state job placement as the leading success factor for higher education, though only 43% of industry leaders indicate higher education is preparing learners with the needed workforce […]

Internet of Things to Internet of Learning

The technologies that define tomorrow are being tested in select classrooms today, laying the foundation for the future of how students could learn. Analysts have been busy predicting the top technology trends. A lot of these technologies have already made headway into education and educators and learners have a lot of tools at their fingertips. One […]

Education in the Cognitive Era

There are three things very important for Education leaders to know about the Cognitive Era and its impact on the segment. These systems will permeate many different parts of the economy, which will both create higher expectations for services among constituents, but also change the way new professionals are taught. Institutions much be more proactive […]

Are Learning Institutions Embracing Cognitive Computing?

Educational institutions adopting cognitive computing systems will have the ability to collect all of this data over a long period of time and analyze it Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning applications usually presume a desktop or laptop computer. Yet future classrooms are likely to be organized around Wireless Internet Learning Devices that resemble graphing calculators, Palm, or Pocket-PC […]

Personalized Education is THE Theme – Come Talk at EDUCAUSE

It’s time to put it all together and truly deliver on the promise of Personalized Education. Recent client visits have had a common theme. In the last month, I’ve met with several US education clients, including two large state university systems and one K-12 collaborative support organization.  Each has their own set of unique challenges.  […]

Student Attrition: Managing and Preventing Academic Students at Risk (James’s Story)

This is the first in a series of three blogs around student attrition told from the perspective of the student. My name is James. I’m 19 years old and a recent college drop-out. I didn’t plan to drop out. By all indications, I fit the model of a successful student. But much to everyone’s shock, […]

Optimism for the “Institution” of Higher Education

Recently, IBM’s think tank, the Institute of Business Value (IBV), produced our latest thought leadership piece (Pursuit of relevance)  around the challenge facing the higher education “institution” as we know it. For years, IBM has been leveraging its intellectual prowess to produce similar pieces of forward looking material, at the risk of challenging the “institution”.  […]

How Higher Education Can Remain Viable in a Dynamic World

Educational institutions face high expectations of continuous performance improvements and efficient operations. But to meet these expectations, administrators and educators need to make the right decisions based on the dynamic changes in Technology . As economic shifts and technological advances dramatically change workforce requirements worldwide, corporate recruiters struggle to find qualified graduates. The demands on […]

“Be Brilliant, Be Bold & Be Authentic with Big Data and Analytics”

What could be better than enlightening students to the world of possibilities before them? They can combine their brilliance with a bold and authentic approach to making a difference with big data and analytics. That was the message students and faculty at Louisiana State University heard last semester when IBM was invited to speak to […]

IBM Watson For Education

With the ‘Go Live’ event at Deakin University earlier this month, IBM Watson has delivered to the Education sector an outstanding example of how IBM can innovate and transform the experience of thousands of students. The Deakin students themselves have made a video of their journey and demonstrate the excitement with which the training of […]