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Who are you? I really want to know!


Loyalty Programs and Personalization all require data…good data…personalized data. If your organization doesn’t have good personalized data, then it’s really hard to develop a good Loyalty Program.

Some companies (and industries) tend to have good data. Retailers often have very good data on what their consumers spend. BUT Consumer Products Goods (CPG) Companies tend not to. This limits their ability to market directly to their consumers. Until now!

What if you could use a consumer’s e-mail address to read the information that is public on Facebook, twitter, etc? (Most people leave a considerable amount of information public). What if you could then develop a detailed profile on EACH INDIVIDUAL consumer? Well say hello to Watson!

Watson, powered by STATSOCIAL can take an e-mail address and gather information from consumer’s social media accounts. Watson Personality Insights ( can then take that information and create a profile for each consumer so that the company can market to that individual based on WHO THEY ARE. No, it’s not science fiction, it’s real!!!

Try it for yourself! Go to Watson Personality Insights ( and copy you’ve written into it. Really…DO IT!

What do you think? Does Watson know you??? I think it’s really KOOL!!!



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