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Trade promotions around the world, with a 2 minute survey (fun)

How do trade promotions differ around the world? They are an out-sized phenomenon in the consumer products industry. They come in many forms, require much attention, greatly impact manufacturer/retailer volume and profitability, and help shape the relationship with the shopper/consumer.

Recently I did some work in Brazil. Over the weekend I visited a number of retail outlets just out of curiosity. This included grocery stores of different sizes, some neighborhood padarias, and a couple hypermarkets. I was particularly interested in trade promotion activity in a few particular categories, as well as gathering some treats for friends and family back home. After exploring numerous aisles I was surprised with the number of trade promotions and the amount of discounting done. More specifically, compared to where I live or have lived, my impression was that there were fewer events and with less discounting than in the U.S., less activity than in Hong Kong, but maybe about the same action as in Japan.

Of course this is based on limited data points but it got me thinking about the different types, amounts, and severity of promotional activity you see around the globe. The variety of promotions whether EDLPs, price offs, couponing, displays, BOGOs, and the like seem endless. While some themes are common around the world, differences exist too. Maybe you can even say, on average, where promotion activity is more or less prevalent, and more or less effective.

So what do YOU think? Where is the most and the least, the best and the worst?

Please take this 2-minute survey and share your experiences. I’ll summarize the findings and post them here in the future. Let’s see what we all know together.


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