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The Connected Kitchen, Hosted on the Cloud


I stand convinced that life is nothing but a cycle of laundry to be cleaned and dishes to be washed. Can I get an amen?

A partnership to lighten the pessimism

Okay… So that was a bit of an exaggeration.  I know that life is more than dishes and dirty clothes.  However, that still doesn’t lessen my aversion towards these inconveniences.

I have less-than-fond memories of my pre-marriage days, living with four other roommates who disliked washing dishes just as much as I did — a fact made readily apparent by the startling tower of dirty dishes that remained steadfast in our sink.  Inevitably, I’d always be the one to give in and purge the sink.  I may not be a “clean freak,” but I can only handle so much disease in my kitchen.

There is good news, however, for all of those that find themselves in my camp.  Whirlpool, earlier this year, announced a partnership with IBM with an aim for efficiency and convenience.  The appliance manufacturer has taken innovation to a new level by imbedding Watson-powered Internet of Things (IoT) sensors into its appliances in an effort to monitor consumer behavior towards these tools.

Through these sensors, the appliances can optimize themselves for energy efficiency and can be controlled remotely through Nest technology.  The insights from these sensors will enable Whirlpool to design future iterations of their appliances to more accurately compliment customer behavior and hopefully make washing dishes less of a hassle.

There’s even an option in some appliances that allows consumers to make a small donation to Habitat for Humanity every time a load of laundry is washed.  Pretty amazing.

Whirlpool in primetime

The fusion of IBM cognitive analytics and IoT capabilities with Whirlpool’s legacy of creating quality products has taken the spotlight recently with a new collection of IBM TV spots.  In a 30 second snapshot, Whirlpool is able to tell its story — that through the IBM Cloud, Whirlpool can make its products better and more efficient. Period.

Take a look at the TV spot below, or read the press release to hear even more information.

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