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My Own Personal IoT (Internet of Things)

If you’ve been reading my blogs recently, you may know that I just bought a new AppleWatch AND I’m slowly learning how to integrate it into my life.   So what does this have to do with the IoT?

IoT Internet of things consumer products

A couple days after I got my AppleWatch, my scale broke and I had to go out and buy a new one (Finally that old thing died!).  I got a Withings scale (Yeah!).  This scale will measure my weight, BMI, %Fat, Blood Pressure, and who knows what else.  It then syncs them with my Withings Account any any other app I may be using to track my health / fitness (ie Apple Health & My Fitness Pal).   One easy step (on the scale) and everything is updated.  (For you doubters out there, my old scale really did break. I’m just lucky!!!).

So if you are keeping track, I’m starting my own IoT!

In a previous blog I mentioned that I have a Garage Door Opener that I could link to my SmartPhone (I haven’t bothered to download the app because I don’t see the use of it!).  I have a scale that is linked to my phone.  Where is this all leading???

Let me introduce you to my big sister Katrin.  She lives in Germany, which means I don’t get to see her enough.  Katrin has 2 houses that are fully linked to the internet!  Both houses have tablets on the wall with simple touch screens that allow her to access the workings of the entire house.  Regulate temperature, lights in any room, water temperature, outlets…anything.  While I do not believe she has this feature, all of her appliances could also be integrated!  It’s all fed thru the IoT into an app on her phone.

In other words, as Katrin gets into her car to leave House #1, she can make sure that all lights and appliances in house #1 are off and can turn down the heat and hot water heater.  She can then turn up the heat (and hot water) in House #2, and even turn on the lights so the house will be cozy and waiting when she gets there!  Take that George Jetson!

When we look at IoT ready devices like a Garage Door Opener that can link to an app, it’s easy to scoff and say…WHY???  But let’s keep the future in mind.  Individually these innovations barely seem like progress.  Link them together and you have a fully functional futuristic house ready to partner with you.  Cool!!!  Or Hot…Up to you!

Are you ready to explore how the IoT can be a part of your company’s future?  Reach out to me and let’s plan!


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