At NRF 2017, Discover #WatsonRetail in the IBM booth

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NRF 2017

I have no doubt that 2017 is going to be a year unlike any other — especially in the retail industry. Retail has moved beyond a mere exchange of goods. Consumers are demanding more. And at NRF 2017 in less than one week, the IBM booth (#1720) will show you how you can live up to expectations.

Consumers are demanding more

Consumers are demanding technology-driven experiences. The fact is, everyone loves great experiences, and retailers are now feeling pressure to provide consumers more of a reason to return to their stores.

Consumers are demanding hyper-local personalization — notably, personalization when it comes to merchandising. When a shopper enters a store, they must be certain that the need that he or she has will be met. And if the needs of shoppers in one neighborhood differ than the needs of shoppers in another neighborhood, retailers must know this information and deliver accordingly.

And in a time where consumers are always on and where digital disruptors are emerging from every corner of the globe, you must meet consumer demands now — fast following is no longer enough.

Time to meet consumer demand 

The secret lies in making sense of data. Data is everywhere and the available data is only going to grow as more devices get connected into the Internet of Things. In fact, best estimates believe that there will be 50 billion Internet of Things devices connected by 2020. And every single one of those devices is going to be producing data about your shoppers and your brand.

You can make sense of this data with IBM Watson. Watson can understand incredibly large amounts of data, can reason through what he sees and can learn about your company — your shoppers — over time, at scale.

And at NRF 2017, we’re going to show you how IBM Watson is going to change all facets of your organization.

Retail powered with Watson at NRF 2017 

Our theme this year is Retail powered with Watson because we’re going to show you just how Watson can transform every aspect of your company.  We will show you how Watson affects… 

  • your marketing efforts.
  • your shopping experience.
  • your store, from equipment and paymets to associate engagement.
  • your supply chain and fulfillment networks.
  • your merchandising decisions, on a neighborhood level.
  • your product design.
  • … and more.

Additionally, at the IBM booth (#1720) you’ll get a chance to explore…

  • The Connected Store: Take a “deep dive” on how Watson IoT can optimize your store experience, improve conversion rates and reduce costs through combining data from all of your store’s devices and from external data sources like the weather and social media.
  • Blockchain: Explore how using a shared ledger between enterprises can significantly decrease costs and inefficiencies, reduce risk and increase trust.
  • Mobile: Having a satisfactory, consumer-facing mobile experience is table stakes for modern retailers, but what about having a seamless mobile experience for your store employees? Through tapping into IBM MobileFirst for iOS, you can ensure that you’re providing a data-driven, user-friendly mobile app for your employees that will boost productivity and anticipate consumer needs.
  • The Weather Company: The weather has a huge impact on consumer behavior, supply chain operations and demand for all kinds of specific products and merchandise. Through the IBM acquisition of The Weather Company, you can now account for the weather in your retail strategies and decisions.

Hear the stories of Watson-powered retailers and brands

Also in the IBM booth, you can hear the stories of the trailblazers who have already incorporated IBM Watson into their operations.

  • Hear from Staples, who created a Watson-powered “Easy Button” to make supply ordering virtually effortless.
  • Hear from, who created GWYN — a gift concierge, powered by IBM Watson — that takes the frustration out of gift-buying.
  • See the Marchesa dress — a dress that has IBM Watson woven into the fabric — in action, changing colors based off of social sentiment.

While 2017 is a different day and age for the retail industry, it’s also a different time for IBM Retail. This year, come to the IBM booth to witness just how IBM Watson technology is going to change the game for retailers and brands.

For more information on IBM’s presence at the big event, please visit us on-line. Also, consider following us from the event on Twitter at @IBMRetail and with the hashtag #WatsonRetail.

Hope to see you there!

Director of Offerings and Solutions, IBM Global Consumer Industry

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