Join IBM in Kicking Off 2016 @ NRF

As we enter a new year, we anticipate that consumers’ preferences and behaviors will continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace. On the one hand, now more than ever, consumer brands will be challenged to keep pace with their consumers in order to deliver compelling and relevant products, solutions, and experiences. On the other hand, however, the growing array of disparate consumer and causal data available from sources such as social media expressions and hyper-local weather, event, news, and economic data are enabling brands to develop and act upon the type of granular, timely, and context specific insights that were not possible even just 5 years ago.
At NRF 2016, we’re putting on display how IBM is helping our clients respond to the challenges of today’s increasingly demanding consumers and make the most of the exciting opportunities before them. We’re bringing together our proven product and solution portfolio with innovation, research and thought leadership for the industry to show how we are paving the way in this new era.

Come see “The Art of the Possible”
It’s increasingly important for brands to be responsive to local conditions, local preferences, and local events, but doing so has always been labor-intensive, and can be tough to cost-justify. In the Relevant, Responsive Retailing demo, we’ll demonstrate how new cognitive capabilities can make it possible to cost-effectively plan for – and react to – rapidly-changing circumstances and events at the hyper-local level.

NRF Visual

In The Customer is the Channel demo we’ll show how retailers can satisfy the needs and expectations of highly sophisticated, tech savvy consumers by bring the excitement of digital experiences into the store, and how they can extend the physical, in-store experience back into the digital experience

See the Solution in Action: IBM Demand Insight
Improve forecasts by combining SNEW (Social, News, Events and Weather) data, along with other data sources, to create descriptive signals and predictive insights that enhance understanding of demand forces and existing demand forecast models when applied to products, labor and other business drivers
I look forward to seeing you at NRF 2016!

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Stop by to say hello at booth #1720 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City between January 17th and 20th, 2016.
To stay in touch, follow @IBMCPG on Twitter and use our official hashtag #IBMCPG with #nrf16 to join the conversation.

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