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Gamification: Do You Want To Play A Game?

Gamification: do you want to play a game?

I was talking to my daughter about learning German.  I speak German, and she wants to learn.  6 months ago I bought her a program that is supposed to teach her German.  Candidly, I didn’t think she was using it.  A few days ago I asked her how often she used the app.  She uses it almost every day.  I was floored!

My daughter explained that the app awards her with “badges” as she completes certain levels of learning.  If she doesn’t use the app for a few days she starts to lose these badges.  SO…being the competitive person that she is (can’t imagine where she gets that from), she keeps using the app so that she doesn’t lose the levels that she’s achieved.

If you read my blogs, you’ll know that I recently got an AppleWatch.  On the watch there is a Health App that measures how much I stand in a day as well as other information.  It lets me know when I need to stand, and gives me a “badge” if I stand enough in a day.  As a result, I find myself standing up for no apparent reason in a meeting or while working…to get my badge!

Gamification is the creation of a habit or response by driving consumer engagement through a game or contest.  It’s VERY powerful.  Companies are using it to engage consumer in many different and new areas.  The result can be strong engagement, driving consumer to interact with you and your brand because the WANT to on a regular basis.  It’s a powerful strategy that brands need to consider!  Since it usually is driven through an app, Gamification turns your consumer’s Mobile Phone into a personalized portal to your brand.

Are you using Gamification in your marketing mix?  If not, reach out to me!!!

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