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Who Needs A Digital Marketing Team?

Working as a consultant I get to see many different organizations and structures.  There are many similarities, and some differences.  In Marketing Organizations, many companies have teams dedicated to Brands and other teams dedicated to Marketing Capabilities such as Digital Marketing, Media, CRM, or eCommerce.  One of the key reasons companies will take this structure is that they want to put an emphasis on this Marketing Capability and fear that it may not be a focus to the Brand Team is it is not broken out separately.

One group that I often see in a Marketing Structure is a Digital Marketing team.  5 years ago, when Digital Marketing was in its infancy, this made a lot of sense.  Marketers may have understood this new function, so the best and quickest way to prioritize it and drive it into the organization may have been to develop a group dedicated to Digital Marketing.  Today this may not be the case anymore.  Digital Marketing runs throughout the brand.  It touches all parts of the marketing mix.  As a result, some companies are relooking at their organization and are including Digital Marketing in the responsibilities of the Brand Marketing Teams.

Below are some examples of different marketing areas affected by Digital Marketing:

Media Buying: Once predominantly TV with a little Radio and Print, Media today focuses on Digital Media (i.e. On-Line and Mobile) which can show actual ROIs and can drive Personalized Marketing.

TV Commercial:  TV Advertising today can bridge into Digital pretty easily.  Cable networks allow the viewer to click on the remote to get “More Information.”  This will often bring users to a Brand Site.  Viewers can also “Shazam” some ads to get more information.

Packaging: Marketers are using packaging to interact digitally with users.  Some brands have apps that animate on your phone when viewed through the app on your phone.  Brands also allow you to scan a code to get more information.

Loyalty Marketing:  Once marketers communicated to consumers in CRM programs thru “snail mail.”  Members of loyalty programs may get coupons or brochures in the mail.  Today members get app notifications on their phone and have coupons and information stored on their phone.

These are just a few examples, but it’s really hard today to think of a marketing program that does not have a digital component.

In this digital world, do organizations really need a Digital Marketing team?

Some clearly do in order to catch up to the competition.  Others find that Digital Marketing is a part of the Brand Marketing Team’s responsibility.  Those companies will often create an innovation team to drive innovation of every sort (including new digital opportunities) into the organization.

Is your organization set up correctly for its strategic initiatives? Does your Marketing Plan include Digital in all (relevant) areas?  If not, reach out to me!


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