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I Don’t Want To Talk To You! (Letting The Consumer Drive Your Engagement)


I was in a meeting recently discussing how the development of a new app is going to change a client’s business.  Consumer will be able to choose HOW and WHEN they want to engage with the brand (brand engagement), doing it on their terms.   We joked about using the message that you don’t have to talk to us (the brand) if you don’t want to.  This message is central to a National Car Rental advertising campaign.

A team member said that she didn’t think this was a good message, because it may give the impression that the brand is not approachable.  She was really missing the point.

There is a movement in marketing and consumer communication that is putting the power of communication and engagement into the hands of the consumer.

In this new model, the consumer can reach out on-line, thru an app, a chat, with an email… the brand makes itself accessible on the consumer’s demands!   This movement started when brands and retailers began pushing Omni-Channel.  Today’s discussion on Omni-Channel is really delivering the product to the consumer when she likes and where she likes.  Increasingly, this is true in all interaction between the brand and the consumer.  It’s all on his/her terms.

Do you have an “Omni-Communication” Strategy?  Can consumers reach out to you on their terms thru an app or other digital communications method?  If you want to know more, reach out to me!


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