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Build your own wonder

Wonder-ing out of the uncanny valley The “uncanny valley” is a phrase used to describe machines or systems that at the same time appear close to human, but elect a sense of revulsion rather than wonder.  Creepy is another word that gets used.  It is an old idea (first used by a Japanese roboticist working […]

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More wonders

In my last post (“A time of wonders“) I finished on the idea that “machines like HAL or Her are referred to as super-intelligent or as strong artificial intelligence…and that most experts agree that we are probably 60 years away from being able to create systems like that, but there are many wonders available to […]

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The 2017 Global Customer Experience Index

In a day where consumers' next best experience is the "new normal," how are you measuring up to their expectations?

A time of wonders

Wonders indeed.  Last year a man’s life was saved in Missouri when his Tesla car drove him to hospital on autopilot. It seems that every day we read headlines like that one: you could call it a time of wonders, and all of them seem to be the result of artificial intelligence or AI. It […]

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The machines that will change the world again

In many parts of the world it is a long weekend in celebration of Easter, and many parents will be hearing those famous words “are we there yet?” as they set off in their motor cars for a vacation (these are the ‘machines’ of the title in case you are wondering). Motor cars and our […]

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7 Ways to Keep your “Open” Sign Hanging

This is the first blog post in a four-part series surrounding the 2017 Customer Experience Index Study (CEI). Stay tuned for upcoming blogs that dive even further into the study’s findings and implications for retailers and brands. Retail and consumer products brands have much work to do to satisfy customers’ continually evolving expectations. On a […]

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Circular Economy – “Like a circle in a spiral”

The Thomas Crown Affair The Thomas Crown Affair is an iconic film of the 1960s. Directed by Norman Jewison, the film catapulted Steve McQueen to super-stardom against a backdrop of cutting-edge filmmaking and beautiful people. The film also contained an enduring (and Oscar-winning) song “The Windmills Of Your Mind” composed by Michel Legrand with lyrics […]

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C-Suite Q&A with Keith Bethel, Aramark’s Chief Growth Officer

Preface: Unlike start-ups with a handful of employees, how can Fortune 500 firms build a culture of continuous innovation with employees spread around the globe? In this C-Suite Q&A, Keith Bethel, Aramark’s Chief Growth Officer, explains how Aramark‘s innovation culture drives revenue growth and job creation. Q. With approximately 270,000 Aramark global associates, how can […]

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VIDEO: Generation Z on “Uniquely Generation Z”

Here we are, at the beginning of the end of the first month of 2017. And just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, the National Retail Federation Retail’s Big Show rocked the consumer-facing industries just two weeks ago, and we have fresh, new research on Generation Z — the “Uniquely Generation Z” study. […]

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Digital marks the end of a retail era

This last week has brought a couple of significant events in the world of retail and FMCG brands.  One digital, one not. A passing of the baton in UK food and drink Firstly, on a sad note, there is the passing of Jeffrey Hyman.  Jeffrey was the founder and chairman of the Food & Drink […]

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6 Top 2016 Highlights from Insights on Business for CP

As I wrote in my “2016 highlights” post for the Retail blog, 2016 was a year to forget for many Consumer Products (CP) companies. Consumer-facing industries have spent much of 2016 strategizing how to fight off disruption within their industries, and every passing day seemed to bring about a new startup competitor. Outside of the industry, […]

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Podcast: The 2017 Customer Experience Index

2016 may be a year to forget, ripe with digital disruption inside of the Retail and CP industries and uncertainty in our world outside of the Retail and CP industries. In light of all of the uncertainty, customer experience is top-of-mind for retailers and CP brands moving into 2017, and IBM Consumer recently launched a […]

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Innovation for all the people

Innovation for the people, by the people I am by nature cheerful.  I come from Birmingham in the UK which likes to brand itself as the heart of England (it is in the middle and people are friendly) so it is in the blood.  But for many this holiday season, being cheerful is hard because […]

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