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To remain afloat in a world saturated with competition, CP companies must deliver a differentiated brand experience by way of deeper shopper and customer insights. Join us in discussing the ever-evolving trends and technology affecting elevated consumer experience today.

Weather is cool (in all senses of the word)

About weather As you may know, I am English, and so weather is a topic close to my heart.   I look at the sky each night and wonder if that red sky really will be “shepherd’s delight” as we say.  Predicting the weather is important for me – it tells me whether I should wrap […]

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The Trick Behind the “Innovation” of Apple Products

FYI, the “trick” referred to in the title is at the bottom of the article if you want to skip the intro. Just figured I’d set the stage first. So, with that being said… Cue the lights. It’s time to put on your black turtlenecks and black jeans. You should leave your belts at home, […]

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The 2017 Global Customer Experience Index

In a day where consumers' next best experience is the "new normal," how are you measuring up to their expectations?

Brands of the future, here today

Brands occupy a lot of my thinking time so as I was reading the Wall Street Journal, this headline grabbed my attention yesterday: If you’ve been keeping up with these posts you will know that I am a big fan of what Ms. Alba has done with the Honest Company.  It has brand purpose, it […]

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Digital Transformation and Stranger Things

Digital Transformation Want an example of Digital Transformation writ large?  Unless you have been living under a rock, you will certainly have heard about (seen?) ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix (here’s a trailer).  With its well-crafted mixture of 80s ambience, taught plotting and flawless acting (Millie Bobby Brown is outstanding), this online only show has become […]

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Don’t Netflix My Granola

The paradox of choice is an interesting concept to me — the idea that, the more options you’re offered, the less likely you’re going to choose any of them.  It’s almost as if we’re frozen in place, paralyzed by choice. I fully believe in this idea because I’m confronted with it every day when I […]

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Hyper-Local Personalization Becomes a Reality

The Need for Localization The need to be relevant to consumers through localization has never been more critical, especially as city populations continue to grow and expand. Today, 54 percent of the world’s population lives in urban environments. In 1950, that number was 30 percent. By 2050, it will reach 70 percent.1 Every city is […]

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Throwback Thursday: Zero Looking Back

I can’t remember the time I drank my first Coke, but I know many people who can. I can, however, remember the first (and, sadly, the only) time I darkened the doors of the “World of Coca Cola” in Atlanta, Georgia. Who knew a beverage company could create an atmosphere rivalling even that of a […]

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Digital Survival Remains Optional

I am thinking a lot about the future as we are writing a new point of view on the world of consumer products in 2025.  There is a big picture to consider – regulatory pressure, climate change, the hunt for talent, demographic shifts to name a few – but there is also a more basic […]

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What’s the Deal? (Personalization)

10 years ago a price sensitive shopper spent her Sunday afternoons clipping coupons to make sure that s/he was getting the best deal possible.  Not a great use of time!  Everyone got the same deals on the same product.  Today companies use Promotional Data Personalization to make sure that consumers get the right product in […]

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Byte-Size Watson! Your Cognitive Journey

Cognitive Computing is the future.  Most of the companies that I’m talking to today already see this.  Watson is like the ‘Model T’ of Cognitive Systems.  It was the first commercially viable Cognitive Computer, and it continues to improve and modernize.  Today Watson is so powerful that most of IBMs competitors actually license it and […]

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Cognitive Drives Results For Consumer Products Companies

Consumer goods executives familiar with cognitive computing almost unanimously agree — 95 percent, in fact — that this technology will play a disruptive role in the industry, and 75 percent believe it will critically impact the future of their organizations. Cognitive-based systems are able to digest and analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured data. These […]

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It’s So Hard To Raise A ChatBot!

Being a parent isn’t easy!  You can’t assume that your child will know right from wrong.  You need to TEACH him or her.  Parents check who their kids are friends with and may plan play-dates with more desirable friends.  As the child grows, parents often monitor their children’s social activity to make sure interactions are […]

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