Channel Collaboration

Today, CP companies must collaborate more effectively with channel partners to differentiate at point of purchase. Join us in discussing the issues and topics affecting channel collaboration.

Can you predict the future?

Consumer demand in a world of uncertainty The upsets and unpredictability of global political events such as the Brexit vote or the election of Donald Trump got me thinking about the famous quote of U.S. politician Tip O’Neil that “all politics is local.” Upon further reflection, you could replace the word “politics” with a number of […]

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“Un-blocking” your potential… at NRF 2017!

What do New York City, meat, and diamonds have in common?  The answer:  they will all be a part of our discussions on ‘Blockchain’ at this year’s National Retail Federation (NRF) show January 15-17, 2017. Many of you may have heard of the term ‘blockchain,’ and some of you may even have read an article […]

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The 2017 Global Customer Experience Index

In a day where consumers' next best experience is the "new normal," how are you measuring up to their expectations?

How Fast Does It Need To Be? (eCommerce)

As an Amazon Prime member, I can get most products delivered free on next day delivery.  Over the past months, Amazon has expanded its network of cities that offer free same day delivery.  (And after falling under fire for not expanding this service into poorer neighborhoods, Amazon has now increased it’s “same day footprint” by […]

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Get OFF!!!

  There are SO MANY things that can affect your business when you are running a brand. Sales can shoot UP or DOWN based on trends, weather, events, some celebrity using your product…. Businesses today are using Big Data Analytics AND Cognitive Analytics to try to understand these Ups and Downs and to benefit from […]

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