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Don’t Netflix My Granola

bear naked granola

The paradox of choice is an interesting concept to me — the idea that, the more options you’re offered, the less likely you’re going to choose any of them.  It’s almost as if we’re frozen in place, paralyzed by choice.

I fully believe in this idea because I’m confronted with it every day when I turn on Netflix. Right now, at this moment, I probably have about 150 movies and TV shows that I’ve hand selected to be on “My List,” but in reality, I have no desire to watch them. Sadly, most of them are probably infinitely stuck in this indecisive purgatory. Truthfully, I’ve probably watched only a handful of these “list” items in the past decade of my life. 

Another similar situation. When I was a freshman in college, I had a friend take an old XBOX that I owned and load onto the hard drive every Nintendo and Super Nintendo game ever made. In theory, this would be a college nerd’s most valuable asset; but, in practice, I never played any game on the machine because there were simply too many choices.

Bear Naked Granola: A custom experience

The paradox of choice is something that Bear Naked Custom Made Granola knows all too well — a company that offers a large variety of granola ingredients (about 50 in total) to create a truly customized product that is aimed to appeal to Millennials. Fifty ingredients may not seem like a lot, but when considering the unique combinations of each, a user could create nearly 500,000 unique recipes when handling each of the ingredients.

In order to help consumers create the perfect match, Bear Naked partnered with IBM Chef Watson to help navigate the flavor combination journey. Once a user chooses his or her base granola, Chef Watson is then able to hone in on exactly what types of ingredients complete a flavor profile that is sure to please.

From overwhelming to enjoyable

The response that Bear Naked has received via social media and other outlets has been overwhelmingly positive, to say the least.  By using Chef Watson, the granola brand was able to take a potentially overwhelming (and, frankly, paralyzing) situation that involved multiple variables and create a differentiated and enjoyable experience for granola lovers.

Bear Naked’s story is the cover story for the July/August edition of the Consumer Goods Technology magazine. To hear the full story, please visit this link.


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