Kevin Abele

“Un-blocking” your potential… at NRF 2017!

What do New York City, meat, and diamonds have in common?  The answer:  they will all be a part of our discussions on ‘Blockchain’ at this year’s National Retail Federation (NRF) show January 15-17, 2017. Many of you may have heard of the term ‘blockchain,’ and some of you may even have read an article […]

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Cognitive Drives Results For Consumer Products Companies

Consumer goods executives familiar with cognitive computing almost unanimously agree — 95 percent, in fact — that this technology will play a disruptive role in the industry, and 75 percent believe it will critically impact the future of their organizations. Cognitive-based systems are able to digest and analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured data. These […]

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Short Term Gain, Long Term Pain? – perspectives on demand data strategy

 There is an abundance of demand data available for the Consumer Products industry.  Companies are in various stages of utilization of the data for better business insights.  Choosing the right foundational strategy is critical.  A ...

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