Jane Cheung

Decisions…decisions….a beautiful bracelet or a watch?

For the first time, I am attracted to a wearable that is elegant and beautiful, while at the same time functional as well. I actually have to decide between a beautiful bracelet and the Apple watch! Nearly 70% of consumers said they are ready to interact with the brands via wearables. So, what’s the key […]

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The 6 Biggest Takeways for Amazon Dash button

Amazon’s Dash Button is set to take the future of e-commerce by storm. What can we expect from the new technology? The biggest takeway is….NOT the button. It is the API for smart devices. Eventually, any smart device will be able to implement an “order more” option in its own interface. To read more: ibm.biz/BdXXm2

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Speed is the New Advantage

There are several important shifts occurred in the world of big-data over the last year.  The most significant shift is that velocity is now the competitive differentiator for big data.  Capabilities that enable an organization to consumer data faster are now the key differentiator to creating value through analysis. The new IBM IBV study revealed […]

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