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Apple in my Eye: The Strength of a Brand


I don’t really need an Apple Watch.  OK, I’ll admit that I DO always notice when someone ELSE has one.  Not envy…more curiosity.  WHAT does s/he use it for.  It is cool, but is it more than that?  Is it useful?

My daughter, the “Apple of my eye,” just came home with a really good report card.  I was pretty proud of her, and I wanted to get her something special.  To make a LONG story short, I ended up getting her a smart watch.  BUT which one?  She asked me what I thought.  I told her I’d probably get an Apple Watch because I believe Apple will dominate the category, will have more apps, and is probably better integrated to her phone etc.

We ended up at an Apple Store and a really good associate sold her on the Apple Watch.  While he was at it, he sold me on one too.  (It didn’t hurt that our Health Insurance gave us a great promotion on the watch).

So what?  So … it’s all about the brand!  Apple sold because of:

BRANDING: Apple’s brand is strong.  You know what it stands for.  Once you own one device, you’ll probably consider getting other apple devices.

ECOSYSTEM:  The strength of the brand enables it to get the support of app developers, and Apple is great at making the experience between devices seamless.

LEADERSHIP:  Apple has started a number of categories.  iPhone started the Smart Phone category.  iPad started the Tablet Category.  If anyone will launch the Smart Watch category, it’ll probably be Apple.

I started off this post with a question.  Is the Apple Watch useful?  I finally bought one because, after a little research, I think it will be.  There are may apps that I use everyday that are Apple Watch compatible.  This will help to bring the “Smart Experience” closer to my fingertips.

Apple understands my needs and has incorporated them into this device.  They didn’t just create a product because they wanted to create a new market…they understood consumer’s needs and created a “Consumer Journey.”  Only when they understood this did they start creating technology.

Interesting…because when IBM works with clients, we work in a very similar fashion.  We look to understand the customer and their consumer, and then map out the customer / consumer’s journey.  Only then do we start thinking out the solution.

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[… and stay tuned to my posts if you’re interested in my Apple Watch experience.]


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