Rio Oil & Gas Conference – Obrigado, Watson!

When I was asked to speak at this year’s Rio Oil & Gas Expo and Conference, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce Watson to my friends and colleagues in Latin America. The topic of the session was, “Transforming Data into Intelligence and Intelligence into Prosperity: New Ways to Operate.” Having met […]

Cognitive IoT

Why Oil and Gas Companies Should Invest in a Cognitive IoT Capability

“We teach Watson to think like an engineer, Watson teaches us to think like 1000 engineers from a thousand sources.” A fairly profound statement from one of the leaders in oil and gas and liquefied natural gas at Woodside Energy. In our most recent paper, “Exploring the power of cognitive IoT”, we surface the opportunities that […]

A Perspective on Cognitive Computing in Exploration & Production

Source: Recent times have been quite eventful for Cognitive Computing (or Artificial Intelligence) technology with driverless cars, robots and virtual home assistants grabbing the headlines from the tech world. Of many capabilities of Cognitive Computing, it’s the ability to analyse unstructured data which has caught the eyes of the business world.  Leading research firms […]

Exploration stamina!

“Necessity is the mother of invention!” The proverb is appropriate, but not sufficient, to describe the challenges of the Oil & Gas industry. Operators surviving in the “lower for longer” economy cannot invent themselves to growth. Innovation is key, where applying concepts and practices from other industries may make the difference between leaders and laggards. […]

Benefits Of Blockchain Adoption In The Chemicals & Petroleum Industry

  Processing an invoice. It sounds so simple. One business records a transaction with another business for the delivery of goods and services per a contractual agreement. Every business does it, from the smallest mom-and-pop shop to the world’s most sophisticated conglomerates. Yet, the same issues with inefficient, expensive and vulnerable transactions that have existed […]

IDC FutureScape 2017 Predictions and Watson

Each year, IDC Energy Insights releases its top 10 predictions for the worldwide oil and gas industry via their much anticipated IDC FutureScape report*. This year’s predictions highlight the speed with which oil and gas companies are developing digital transformation strategies to drive growth in a challenging environment of “lower for longer” oil prices, reserve […]

Oilfield-services firms are racing to provide end-to-end digital solutions

An article from Upstream Intelligence where I provide our views and observations of Digital Oilfield solutions, and the trends we see from our many global clients, and provide innovate solutions for. Digital Oilfield Solutions “Over the decades, oil producers have collected reams of data on everything from drillings to well pressure, leaving them with unwieldy […]

Competitive intelligence in Oil & Gas

Competitive intelligence is not about replacing anybody at the head-office. It is the effort, sciences and sometimes “art” of understanding your organizations position related to your competitors, suppliers, buyers and the society in which you operate. It has always been a critical aspect of defining and executing a strategy. Today there is a technology shift […]

Cognitive Computing in the Chemical and Petroleum Industries

Cognitive computing enables a new partnership between people and computers that accelerates, enhances and scales human expertise. It is poised to transform organizations and industries. For oil and gas in particular, the timing of this game changer could not be better. Companies are experiencing major disruption: energy price, challenges in reserve replenishment and exploration, high […]

How Oil & Gas companies can win in a “zero sum” game

The primary approach to add oil and gas reserves is through exploration. The recent years increase in “Proved Reserves Addition Cost” (PRAC) has been a growing concern, and the 60% drop in crude prices since the summer of 2014 finally changed the game. Today it may be cheaper to buy resources than to explore and […]

Oil crisis – or Carpe Diem ?

The current, not first and surely not last, oil crisis started predictably with shock and hopes of a temporary dip. It matured into a recognition of a new reality – an economic winter coming. In this second phase we observed postponement of development projects, cancellation in drilling programs and even severe drops in applications to […]

Petronas IO Centers – Designing and Implementing An Enterprise Standard Operating Model

PETRONAS has embarked on a journey to leverage Integrated Operations (IO) as the key enabling component of upstream Operational Excellence (OE). This requires understanding what is done, by whom, when, and to what level of efficiency. Processes are therefore being examined, evaluated, and then improved. Further, global operations are being considered holistically—that is, how the […]

There no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!

You may have heard it before – maybe the best Norwegian saying, ever. Stating that there is always opportunities – with the right precautions and attitude! Unfortunately, the media seems to favor “Bad times news” more than opportunities. These are great days for the press; Low oil prices, bad exchange rates or increasing global competition. […]

The Internet of Things – its effect on engineering and design

Today, billions of devices, sensors and chips—many of them simple, everyday objects—can communicate with us and with each other using standard internet protocols. Data from these “things” can be subjected to advanced analytics, producing real-time predictive insights and allowing automated decision-making. The combination of a physical “thing” and the analytical and decision models that describe […]