Design Thinking

Creating customer-centric solutions through IBM Design Thinking

  Though my background is not in design in the traditional sense, my role as Design Lead at IBM fits the definition of design as “the intent behind an outcome.” Using IBM Design Thinking, my team examines long-standing problems from a new point of view to deliver tangible outcomes that improve users’ experiences and drive […]

Digital Reinvention

Digital transformation has opened doors to automated, intelligent business processes

The convergence of digital technologies (cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security, or CAMSS) with new cognitive solutions has created a data-driven world that is fundamentally changing both business and operating models. The typical path to business process automation combined with IBM Design Thinking principles has been redesigned to demonstrate how clients can shift their operating […]

Blockchain – why it matters for the finance function?

Globalization, blurring industry boundaries and global talent crunches are forcing enterprises to rethink their operating models and create new revenue streams. To prepare for this future, organizations need to reinvent their back-office operations. However, existing ledger systems are often inefficient, siloed and inconsistent. Without a reliable single version of the truth, these systems are vulnerable […]

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Cognitive augments the “human” in human resources

Technology advances have changed the retail industry,  enhancing  convenience as well as the client experience. Everything from personalization, recommendation engines, targeting, beacons, social platforms, referral incentives and customer retention are being used daily to sell everything from diapers to diamonds. Fortune 500 executives are being advised to treat talent as they would customers—understand their behavior […]

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CFO as the Revenue Enhancer

CFO’s continue to feel the pressure as their C-suite colleagues look to them to provide business insights. Not just insights based on traditional reporting from internal information. But insights that come from beyond the walls of their respective Finance organizations, including operational data, insights from social media, and data from external sources. For IBM’s recently […]

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Banking digitization: The RPA perspective

Banks and financial institutions are under constant pressure to improve their financial performance, reduce costs and improve returns on capital. They want to rapidly scale their processes but the target is elusive due to complexities and costs in back end processes. In tandem with this they have to focus and prioritize the modernization and digitization […]

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How can you attract and retain talent for your changing workforce?

How can IBM Kenexa Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) help you attract and retain talent for your changing workforce? The future of work is all about the employee experience. And it begins the moment when a candidate first interacts with your organization—long before they actually become an employee. This post features highlights from Redefining Talent, the 2016 […]

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Next Leap to IBM Watson Cognitive Procurement

We are entering the Era of Cognitive Business and Innovation. Business transformation requires new skills, new actions, and new levels of integration, with greater speed. Client expectations are evolving from simple cost savings and efficiency to effectiveness. Procurement is critical function in any company but primarily for Distribution sector industries like Retail, CPG, Wholesale etc. We […]

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IBM Transforming Retail Marketing Operations

Why do Retail CMOs need innovation in Retail Marketing Operations? Chief Marketing Officers in the Retail industry are challenged with improving the customer experience, growing revenue and building customer loyalty. There are increasingly new technologies and channels opening up presenting a need to evolve and incorporate new touch points into campaigns quickly. Challenges of transforming […]

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What powers finance transformation for CFO in Retail Industry ?

Why the need for finance transformation in retail? Retailers require flexible, agile business operations to drive growth. CFO of retail companies continuously evaluate measures to increase or improve profitability, operational outcomes, working capital, revenue, collaboration with suppliers & distributors, productivity and achieve sales fulfilment. But they come across various challenges around customer centricity, revenue acceleration, […]

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How to address your workforce issues for holiday seasons and periods of peak demand

The short answer is: with the aid of recruitment services. The shifting business landscape of today’s retail organizations is increasing the pressure on human resources professionals. As more customers flock to online shopping, in-store revenues are declining, forcing executives to re-evaluate and streamline store operations. The retail industry currently employs over 15 million individuals of […]

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Five ‘hotspots’ to transform telecom businesses and drive smarter operations

Below are five ‘hotspots’ to drive smarter operations for telecom business: Hotspot 1: Cost Reduction Telecom operators in Europe drastically change their cost-reduction strategies in order to survive Telecoms operators indicated that they could be wasting up to 20% a year in capital expenditures Telecom companies may raise tariffs to pay for spectrum costs Challenging economic […]

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Accelerate & Reinvent Telecom Digital Transformation Process

So, how can IBM’s RETAIN service for the Telecom industry  help CSPs accelerate the Telecom digital transformation? Major trends across the Telecom industry are forcing the transformation of business and operating models.   Market demands are driving three corresponding imperatives in Telecom Industry: 1. Accelerate Digital Transformation As consumers are increasingly becoming digitally empowered using mobile […]

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